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Airbnb guest urged to ‘call the cops’ after discovering disturbing secret chamber where she's staying
Featured Image Credit: TikTok / notxh2

Airbnb guest urged to ‘call the cops’ after discovering disturbing secret chamber where she's staying

That is NOT what you want to discover while trying to enjoy a relaxing break

Going on holiday is, theoretically at least, supposed to be a relaxing experience, a break to just get away from it all.

But one woman had quite the opposite experience when she made a disturbing discovery at her Airbnb.

Xena Habashi from Kansas City, Missouri had gone on holiday to Chicago with her family in late December.

Habashi rented a basement apartment for them to stay in while they were in the city.

But from the second they arrived she got a bad feeling from the place.

She told Newsweek: "I noticed that there were so many random doors inside the house that were never shown in the listing."

But that was just the beginning, as Habashi opened a door in the apartment and found a very strange space.

She said: "While getting ready to go to sleep me and my cousin noticed a light on in one of the rooms that was locked.

"We decided to try and open it...I got a fork and was able to open the door. That's when I saw it."

They found the creepy room at their Airbnb.
TikTok / notxh2

That's definitely breaking the horror movie rule where you don't open the creepy door.

When she went in she found rooms with bare brick, and strange implements as well as what she described as 'wooden doors with locks on' and 'chains on the ground'.

Yep, as Habashi pointed out in her TikTok, this is literally the plot of terrifying 2022 horror movie Barbarian.

She said: "We had that door blocked by a table and a rolled up towel under the handle to where you can't move the handle."

That sounds like a sensible move!

But things got even worse when they started hearing noises.

Habashi continued: "We weren't able to sleep. We stayed up till the morning, kept hearing noises, and before we left I decided to take that video and it went viral unexpectedly!"

What on earth is that?!
TikTok / notxh2

Some people even suggested they call the police.

One said: "At what point do you call the police?"

Another replied: "Watching this literally scared me more than any horror movie ever has."

A third wrote: "Not me thinking something was gonna pop out."

After they raised the issue, Airbnb was able to offer them a full refund.

They also confirmed that they had no other safety concerns with the listing.

A spokesperson for Airbnb told Newsweek: "The listing is advertised as a basement apartment, and the separate space that was accessed is part of the basement.

"Our customer service team supported our guest with their concerns at the time, and assisted with a refund and another place to stay.

"In the rare event of a safety concern during a stay, our 24-hour Safety Line is available for guests and Hosts to quickly reach our specialized Safety team for help."

UNILAD has contacted Airbnb for comment.

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