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Streamer Adin Ross is tricked by viewers into looking at his naked sister
Featured Image Credit: Kick/Adin Ross/Instagram/@naomzies

Streamer Adin Ross is tricked by viewers into looking at his naked sister

Popular streamer Adin Ross was tricked by his own viewers to look at content of his naked sister.

While the internet can provide us with a lot of information and joy, it can also show us stuff that we really don't want to see.

One person who knows all about that recently is Twitch streamer Adin Ross, who was tricked into seeing a picture of his naked sister. Yikes.

So how exactly did this happen?

Well, the popular streamer was live-streaming to his fans, where he was watching videos and viewing pictures from a Discord chat.

However, when he clicked on one piece of media, he was shocked to find out that an image of his sister wearing no clothes was waiting for him.

You can watch the moment below (the clip contains some strong language):

To say that the streamer who typically plays games such as NBA for his over three million followers was unimpressed is certainly an understatement.

"I'm not even joking bro, that is too far. That s*** is way too far," he said.

The streamer then continued by saying once more that the person who sent the photo went too far, with the expression on his face saying it all really.

Adin's sister is Naomi Ross, with the pair actually having a really close bond together - so seeing that picture certainly wouldn't have been nice for him.

Adin was evidently furious after seeing the picture.
Kick/Adin Ross

The two of them actually rose to fame together, as they streamed themselves playing the NBA 2K video game to what started out as a small audience.

From that rather small following, both of them rose through the ranks and eventually to internet fame, boasting millions of followers between them.

Adin continued with his streaming career, playing games/chatting with subscribers on a regular basis on Twitch.

The siblings seem to have a close bond.
Instagram/ @naomzies

Naomi, meanwhile, took a very different career path to that of her brother.

Naomi's age has never been disclosed, but Adin has referred to her as his 'older sister' in the past.

While she does still stream herself, Naomi also has an OnlyFans, which is likely where the explicit photo has come from.

The content creator charges $15,000 a month for her content, which is obviously only available to adults.

When Naomi first joined OnlyFans, Adin posted a YouTube video reacting to the news, making it clear he did not want to hear about it and that he didn't want it mentioned in his stream.

Well, that wish certainly hasn't been fulfilled.

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