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Zac Efron Fans Question Whether He's Got Secretly Married After Spotting Something In His Documentary

Zac Efron Fans Question Whether He's Got Secretly Married After Spotting Something In His Documentary

Eagle-eyed fans think they've spotted a clue that Zac Efron might have got secretly married.

Fans are questioning whether Zac Efron secretly got married after spotting what they think is a pretty huge clue in his latest documentary.

The actor released a promo video on Instagram for a new project he's working on where he lazes around and chats with a bear.

Captioned with 'Oh, hey there, bear! 6.14.22 Any guesses?' the video gives no explicit clue what it's supposed to be promoting, only that a big announcement is coming soon.

Check it out:

Plenty think he's teasing the second season of his Netflix documentary series, Down to Earth with Zac Efron, with the official announcement of a return made by the streaming service last year.

The show followed Efron travelling around the world while exploring sustainable living and green energy that could power the world of tomorrow. His part in the programme won him an Emmy for Outstanding Daytime Programme Host.

The second season is meant to focus entirely on Australia and will be dropping onto the streaming service later on this year.

Efron moved to Australia in 2021 and has since worked on a number of projects in the country.

However, what's really got people interested is the appearance of a ring on his finger, prompting speculation from fans that he's secretly tied the knot with someone.

Plenty of eagle-eyed fans spotted that Efron's left ring finger had something on it and started guessing what it might mean.

One fan commented that 'the real bear in the room is the wedding ring', with another saying 'what's with the wedding ring?' and a third chipping in to ask 'is it just me or do you see a wedding ring?'

Zac Efron was filmed talking to a bear as part of a teaser for an upcoming project.

Plenty of fans were asking the question and loads seemed convinced they'd spotted a clue that the actor had secretly got married without anyone knowing.

However, others poured cold water on the idea that Efron's ring meant he had got married, with some fans saying they thought it looked like a promise ring.

While a promise ring would mean he's dating someone, it's not quite marriage just yet, and the silver band on his ring finger doesn't look like a traditional wedding ring.

Many other fans were hoping the ring was only worn for a role, as it means Efron's still single and therefore keeping the dream alive for others.

Someone said 'as long as he's happy that's all that matters', while someone else suggested 'he'd say something about it' if he actually had tied the knot with someone.

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