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YouTube Family Slammed For Comparing Abortion To The Holocaust

YouTube Family Slammed For Comparing Abortion To The Holocaust

The 'pro-love' video has been criticised for comparing abortions to the Holocaust, as well as the Rwandan genocide

A YouTube family in the US have been criticised for comparing abortion to the Holocaust.

The LaBrant family has more than 13 million followers on YouTube. They post regular updates of everyday, Christian life to their channel, discussing raising their children, school and filming big family days out and other events.

At the helm of the channel is Cole and Savannah LaBrant, along with their three kids Everleigh, Posie and Zealand, as well as a fourth on the way.

They've been the subject of controversy before, when viewers felt they were led to believe one of their children had cancer, when it was ultimately just a 'healthcare scare'.

Their newest video, titled 'Abortion (documentary)', acknowledges that it's a volatile topic which attracts passionate opinions on either side, and strives for a 'pro-love' stance from the outset.

"Is it possible for us to love both the mother and the baby?" the narrator asks.

Immediately after, the video pulls up a smattering of death tolls from a historical events: 800,000 killed in the Rwandan genocide; three million killed in the Cambodian genocide; and 11 million killed in the Holocaust.

These statistics precede their own estimated number of abortions in the US, in excess of 60 million before the number cuts off. For reference, this figure isn't backed up with any sources.

The comparison between abortions and the Holocaust has been slammed online, with one user writing: "This is so wildly incomparable. Abortion is a choice for most; a choice that benefits the mother and child. The holocaust was one of the worst things in history. Just don’t compare them. No, no, nope."

Another wrote: "The real question is why would you even compare the holocaust to abortion... it’s literally not even at all the same thing AT ALL."

A third tweeted: "How do these people even have a platform in the first place? They should be ashamed of themselves."

Amid calls for the video to be taken down, Cole released a statement on Instagram.

He wrote: "Instagram did take our feed post down. This is ok, fortunately we have talked with our team at YouTube and they’re keeping the documentary up there, which is most important.

"They did demonetise and take the video out of the algorithm. Which is all ok, we assumed this would happen. The biggest thing this does is significantly reduce the video’s reach.

"The more people the video reaches, the more people who can find help. This makes it where you can really only watch the video if you have a link or go directly to our channel.

"YouTube won’t further share it. At this point we’ll leave the message in God's hands and trust that whoever is supposed to watch it, will watch it.

"You guys have supported this so much and we’re so thankful. If you feel lead, please share the documentary with people you know."

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Featured Image Credit: The LaBrant Fam/YouTube

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