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Yellowstone on-screen couple confirm they're now a couple in real life too

Yellowstone on-screen couple confirm they're now a couple in real life too

News of the real life romance sent fans into a frenzy

Yellowstone stars Hassie Harrison and Ryan Bingham have made fans' dreams come true, as they revealed their romance isn't limited to the TV screen.

Harrison and Bingham showed off their chemistry on the show, after Harrison joined the cast in 2020 when her character Laramie fell for Bingham's Walker, who has been on the show since its inception in 2018.

Bingham, who is a singer-songwriter in real life, also plays a musician on the show, as well as a former convict who is recruited to work at Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Harrison's character, a ranch hand, stunned fans when she woke up in Walker's bed at the end of the show's third season, and over the last couple of years, fans have enjoyed watching the pair's relationship develop.

We're currently in the midst of the fifth season of Yellowstone , but fans were over the moon to learn that the developments have now spread into the real world.

This week, Bingham took to Instagram to share a snap of him smooching Harrison in front of a bonfire, with the actors dressed in matching camouflage jackets.

Bingham and Harrison announced their romance on Instagram.

Alongside the image, Bingham wrote: "More than a spark."

As if that wasn't enough to set fans reeling, Harrison added more fuel to the fire by responding: "I love you, cowboy."

Harrison also spread their love a little further by adding the post to her Instagram Story.

Yellowstone fans have shown their approval for the relationship, with one writing: "From the very first moment I saw you on Yellowstone I KNEW it! I swear to God! Flipping Fantastic! What a great couple."

Another excited fan responded: "Oh my god it’s actually embarrassing to admit how happy I am for two people I don’t know [...] everything from the caption to the photo to the fictional characters I compare you to, I am so in love with your love."

Bingham plays a musician on the show.

While Bingham's post is the first official confirmation of the romance, fans began speculating about their love a few weeks ago after Bingham commented on one of Harrison's posts to wish her a happy birthday, to which she responded: "Come say that to my face."

Bingham replied: "I'd love to."

News of the romance between the twoYellowstone stars comes following Bingham's split from his wife, Anna Axster, who he was married to for 12 years. The pair share three children together, but filed for divorce in 2021.

The first half of Yellowstone's fifth season came to an end in January, with a release date for the second half yet to be confirmed.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@ryanbinghamofficial/Peacock

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