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Wu-Tang-Clan's Ghostface Killah publicly slammed by son for ghosting his children

Wu-Tang-Clan's Ghostface Killah publicly slammed by son for ghosting his children

The rapper was publicly blasted by his son in an open letter on Instagram.

Ghostface Killa’s son has hit out at the musician, claiming that the Wu-Tang Clan star 'ghosted' his own children.

His son Infinite Coles, who is a an R&B singer, made the claims in a lengthy Instagram post where he blasted the rapper - real name Dennis David Coles - claiming that he hadn’t spoken to his children in over 15 years.

The young musician also alleged that he had lived in poverty during this time, despite Wu-Tang Clan selling millions of records around the world.

His son claimed that he hasn't spoken to his dad in 15 years.
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In a break from posting about his own music, Coles took to social media to vent his frustration about his father with the emotionally charged post.

Tagging his father, Coles detailed their relationship and accused him of 'ghosting' his children.

He wrote in the caption: “A man who doesn’t take care of his family will NEVER be blessed.

“@realghostfacekillah ghosted us for too long !!!”

Uploaded in sections, the accompanying open letter even had a photo of Ghostface Killa and texts allegedly exchanged between him and his son.

While Coles insisted that he didn’t usually discuss his personal life online, the musician claimed that he felt it was the only way he could contact his father.

Ghostface's son has hit out at the rapper.

“@ghostfacekillah I didn’t really want to do this; but at this point, I’m tired of keeping quiet to save your reputation,” Coles wrote pointedly in his open letter, “I’m tired of the PAIN. My heart has been aching and longing to be loved by you, MY FATHER, for way too long. So since you are unreachable, perhaps this will get your attention.”

He then went on to allege that the pair had not had a ‘full conversation’ in 15 years, showing the text messages as evidence of his attempts to reach out.

“I have messages that literally show me reaching out to you and receiving no response for over a DECADE!,” Coles claimed.

Later in the open letter, he revealed that he’d spent time in a shelter during the pandemic.

“You have all this coin and yet you allow my uncles to clean up your mess,” he argued, “I have lived in a shelter for almost a year in 2020 during Covid and you haven’t reached out once to help me or to see if I was even alive!”

He wrote: “For many years, you made me hate myself, until I developed the courage to snap the f**k out of it and realize that there was nothing wrong with me, but there’s everything wrong with YOU.”

His letter ended with a call to his father to 'change his ways' and to realise that he has 'some beautiful and talented children out here, with deep voids in their heart'.

The rapper has yet to respond to the claims publicly.

UNILAD has reached out to Ghostface Killa's reps for comment.

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