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Woman who looks like Jim Carrey says it's 'very hard' to recreate his smile

Woman who looks like Jim Carrey says it's 'very hard' to recreate his smile

She said she probably wouldn't be able to do it if she had any other face.

A woman who bears a remarkable resemblance to Jim Carrey has revealed that his iconic smile is actually quite hard to recreate.

Heather Shaw, 34, from Rochester, New York, has won the hearts of millions on TikTok thanks to her resemblance to the actor and her equally good sense or humour.

Now she's revealed that despite looking like Carrey, 60, she actually finds it harder than you might think to recreate his famous smile.

She made the revelation in response to another TikTok video that said she is the only person other than Carrey himself who can pull it off.

"It is kind of ironic that I have this face, and I've always wanted to be a comedian since I was a kid," she said on TikTok where she has been dubbed the 'female Jim Carrey.'

She then went on to joke that her career options are also limited because she looks so eerily similar to the star of The Truman Show.

"What else am I gonna do?” Heather asked. "Like, imagine if I was a doctor with this face.

"Just walking in like, 'Bad news: it's cancer. Good luck!'" she joked before pulling off Carrey's iconic smile.

Shaw is a pro at pulling off Carey's smirk.
TikTok / @heathershawwww

She then revealed in another TikTok that if she didn't look so much like Carrey, she probably wouldn't be able to emulate his famous smirk.

"The Jim Carrey smile is very hard," Heather said. "And if I literally wasn’t born with this mouth I probably wouldn’t be able to do it."

Needless to say, TikTok users had a lot to say about Heather's resemblance to the Dumb and Dumber star in the comments section of her video.

Heather Shaw has gone viral for her resemblance to Jim Carrey.
Alamy / PA Images

One joked: "I am convinced this person is actually Jim Carrey and he's just toying with us... I mean guy's an actor."

A second asked: "are you positive Jim Carrey isn't your father? or at least related to you by blood in some way?"

"Jim Carey really thought he could fool us by wearing a wig and calling himself Heather Shaw," wrote a third. "We're [onto] your game Jim."

"It isn't just the smile... you have his eyes lol," added a fourth.

A fifth revealed: "When I was a kid, I told everyone I wanted to be Jim Carrey when I grew up. My dream was clearly given to someone else."

"Okay but your teeth are BEAUTIFUL," complimented a sixth fan, while a seventh added: "Nobody can convince me that she is not Jim Carey's twin separated at birth."

Do you know anyone else who can do the Jim Carrey smile successfully? One thing's for sure, they'll have a hard time doing it better than Heather!

Featured Image Credit: MediaPunch Inc / Alamy / TikTok @heathershawwww

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