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People are getting ‘shivers’ from a photo of Vanessa Hudgens meeting Kaia Gerber
Featured Image Credit: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage/Getty Images/Instagram/@kaiagerber

People are getting ‘shivers’ from a photo of Vanessa Hudgens meeting Kaia Gerber

A picture has resurfaced from the pair's first-ever meeting

A resurfaced photo showing the first time that Vanessa Hudgens met Kaia Gerber is currently making its rounds online.

The image has since sent the internet into complete frenzy, with many people totally shocked at the circumstances of the situation - some even saying they got 'shivers' from it.

Hudgens first started going out with Elvis star, Austin Butler, back in 2011 and the pair ended up staying together for over eight years before eventually splitting up in 2020.

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler dated between 2011 to 2020.
UPI/Alamy Stock Photo

After almost a decade of dating, Hudgens and Butler have since started seeing other people.

The High School Musical star is now loved-up with baseball player fiancé, Cole Tucker, while the Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood actor is going out with model, Kaia Gerber.

However, a resurfaced photo from way back when in 2007 for the High School Musical 2 movie premiere has pin-pointed the exact stage both Hudgens and Gerber were at in life when they first met.

And heads up - people are finding it pretty shocking.

Hudgens first met Gerber when she was just a child at the HSM 2 premiere.
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage/Getty Images

In the photo, a 19-year-old Hudgens can be seen sporting a red dress as she crouches to extend a handshake to Gerber.

Gerber, donning a pink lanyard for the event and a toothy grin, was just six years old at the time.

The model, now 21, first began dating Butler, 31, back in December, 2021 and the pair share a 10-year age difference between them.

The photo has since gone viral on Twitter, with many eager to weigh in on the significant age gap between Butler's ex and his current girlfriend.

One Twitter user wrote: "This photograph of Vanessa Hudgens meeting what is now her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend really does send shivers down your spine."


"The way I GASPED," a second revealed.

And a third Twitter user went as far as to call the situation 'repulsive'.

"This photo of Vanessa Hudgens meeting Kaia Gerber in 2007 just broke my brain," another commented.

"Boy does this put things into perspective," write a fifth.

While another claimed: "This will never not be weird lord have mercy."

However, some people weren't bothered by the photo at all - with many instead stating that it's not that big of a deal.

One posted: "I mean 21 & 31 isn't mental, they're both old enough to be responsible and 31 isn't old."


While another added: "She’s a grown woman now not a little girl anyone. So what is your point?"

However, one Twitter user responded: "I don’t think people commenting that she is 21 now are getting the point."

While a final person added: "It’s insane to me that there are actual people who are unironically mad at this," complete with a load of laughing emojis.

What do you make of it?

UNILAD has reached out to Hudgens' agency for comment.

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