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Ryan Reynolds has removed Twitter bio which TJ Miller claimed proved he’s fake

Ryan Reynolds has removed Twitter bio which TJ Miller claimed proved he’s fake

The actor's bio now lists the companies he owns

Ryan Reynolds no longer uses the Twitter bio which actor and comedian TJ Miller suggested could be evidence he's presenting a fake version of himself to the world.

Miller discussed his relationship with Reynolds on the Adam Carolla Show podcast recently, after the pair worked together on the hit film Deadpool and its first sequel.

The comedian played Weasel in the action movie and together they portrayed a close relationship, but Miller indicated that is far from the reality as he told Carolla he had a 'horrifically mean' encounter with Reynolds.

Miller and Reynolds starred together in the 2016 film.
20th Century Studios

According to Miller, Reynolds addressed him under the guise of Deadpool speaking to Weasel after deciding to do another take of a scene, allegedly saying: "You know what’s great about you Weasel? You’re not the star. But you just, you know, you do just enough exposition that it’s funny. And then we can leave and get back to the real movie."

Miller appeared to believe the incident was unprovoked, but suggested Reynolds might have gone after him because he was getting more jokes than the Deadpool star.

"Maybe he’s an insecure dude," Miller said.

He then went on to draw attention to a Twitter bio of Reynolds', claiming it might be indication of this alleged insecurity as he said: "He’s really nice, but, I mean, his Twitter bio is ‘Showing you the parts of me that tested best in focus groups,’ and I am not sure he’s joking.

"I think that might be his real sentiment … I can’t really begin to make sense of it."

Looking at Reynolds' Twitter bio now, it simply reads: "owner: @aviationgin - @MintMobile - @maximumeffort - @Wrexham_AFC."

Reynolds has changed his bio from the one referenced by Miller.

However, old images of his account show the bio Miller makes reference to; one that has evidently since been removed.

It's unclear exactly when the bio was changed, or if it came in relation to Miller's comments, but regardless it appears that Reynolds no longer wanted to present his account as 'focus-group approved'.

In the wake of his alleged experiences with Reynolds, Miller said he wouldn't work with the actor again.

Reynolds' old Twitter bio referred to focus groups.

"I sort of wish him well because he's so good as Deadpool, and I think it's weird that he hates me," Miller said.

However, the comedian also noted that he'd made a similar comment about working with Michael Bay, and 'now [they're] friends', and he 'would work with him again'.

"But I think Michael Bay is different," he added.

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