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Sydney Sweeney responds to backlash over her mum's 'MAGA-inspired' birthday party

Sydney Sweeney responds to backlash over her mum's 'MAGA-inspired' birthday party

Sweeney told people to 'stop making assumptions' about her mother

Sydney Sweeney has responded to the intense backlash aimed at her mother for having a 'MAGA-inspired' birthday party.

The family appeared to host a 'hoedown-inspired' 60th Birthday party on Saturday (27 August), where one person was wearing a 'blue lives matter' shirt. Others seemed to be rocking Donald Trump's 'Make America Great Again' caps.

People have since slammed the family's alleged political ties.


The Everything Sucks! actor has now hit back at the critics on socials.

She wrote: "You guys this is wild. An innocent celebration for my moms milestone 60th birthday has turned into an absurd political statement, which was not the intention. Please stop making assumptions. Much love to everyone and Happy Birthday Mom!"

Those in the comments were still not having any of it, with one person writing: "It's literally a political statement. Magats are gonna maga.

"You support a treasonous traitor! Guilty by association."

A second person wrote: "So NONE of you guys have conservative parents or family members? Ok lol."

Another wrote: "Then you should've selected other pictures to post that wouldn't be left up to interpretation in this manner. Lesson learned for you, I 'assume'."


Meanwhile, a fourth person joked: "If your family was wearing a Biden hat this wouldn't be an issue.

"But no one has ever seen photographs of anyone wearing a Biden hat at a birthday party."

Although, someone else also added: "Maybe don't post photos of people with the blue stripe and the MAGA hats If you don't want people calling u out. Or deal with it."

A final user said: "You look very comfortable & happy being around people whether they're friends, family, etc.

"You have to know MAGA represents hatred, division, confusion & disrespect, white nationalism, etc. Again, you posted the pics & people are naturally going to respond & be outraged."

On the other hand, some were in support of Sweeney's family, with one person writing: "They’re just thriving off negativity queen. The real ones support you!"

Another added: "Welcome to AMERICA! Where you can’t express anything right winged without being cancelled! Sad."

Someone else commented: "Love when people are able to trivialize this as a 'political statement'. No - this is about a group who essentially does not believe a large portion of this country has the right to exist with the same freedoms and autonomy that they do. Absolutely not about 'politics'."

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Featured Image Credit: @sydneysweeney/Instagram

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