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Stifler Actor Explains Why You Couldn't Make American Pie Nowadays

Stifler Actor Explains Why You Couldn't Make American Pie Nowadays

Seann William Scott opened up about why he thinks American Pie wouldn't be made today.

Seann William Scott, the actor who played Stifler in American Pie, has explained why the movie couldn't be made now.

Ah, American Pie. Whether you love or hate the over-the-top raunchy comedy, you've probably seen at least one.

There are four films in the series, with loads extra if you count the American Pie Presents spin-offs.

Seann William Scott.

Despite the prolific slew of films in the franchise, in a recent interview Scott explains why he doesn't think anyone would want to make it now.

Speaking to Jake's Takes, the actor said he doesn't think there's the right kind of 'appetite' for the American Pie kind of film nowadays.

The actor explained: "You know, I was having a conversation with a friend the other day, I was like, 'You could never make American Pie these days.'

"Some of the stuff in that movie, you would get arrested and probably go to jail for a long time if you did it".

He went on to say that he didn't 'ever see there being an appetite' for 'those sorts of movies again'.

While he admitted he could be wrong, he thinks that people are now 'appreciating more of a witty, smart humour and good writing as opposed to just something kind of over-the-top.'

Since American Pie, Scott has moved on to further work in comedy and was promoting his new series Welcome to Flatch during the interview.

The series is a mockumentary sitcom that explores the lives of small town residents and is said to be based on This Country, the hit British series from Daisy May Cooper and Charlie Cooper.

In the series, which directed by Paul Feig, who directed Bridesmaids, Scott plays Father Joe.

Feig hasn't been involved with TV work since he wrote for Freaks and Geeks, with the actor saying in an interview with The New York Times that he's 'never had a monster hit' where TV is concerned but added that he wants 'nothing more' than to make '200 episodes of Welcome to Flatch.'

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