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Seth Rogen Stops Fan From Continuing Challenge That Will Likely Get Him Killed

Seth Rogen Stops Fan From Continuing Challenge That Will Likely Get Him Killed

A fan has been doing a challenge to get Seth Rogen to notice him and the actor has responded.

Seth Rogen has stepped in and stopped a fan desperate for his attention from filling himself full of cigars.

People will go to great lengths to get noticed by their favourite celebrities whether it be tweeting at them constantly, following them all over the world or going all Alan Partridge and converting a room of your home into a shrine dedicated to them.

However, one man went further than most in his quest to get one of Seth Rogen, Snoop Dogg or Wiz Khalifa to respond to him.

Rather than just firing a few messages over on social media, he started a performance that lasted for 43 days before Rogen stepped in to stop the challenge from going any further.

This guy decided to put on a show of his own, declaring that he was going to be pulling this stunt until one of the three celebrities responded to him.

With a lit cigar stuck up each nostril and two more jammed into his ears, it was clear he really wanted one of the three to notice him.

Luckily for the fan, Seth Rogen got in contact before he could take his cigar smoking act any further.
PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

He even finished the challenge with a flourish, flipping a fifth lit cigar into the air and catching it in his mouth as it fell.

As far as tricks that begin with cigars stuck in your ears and up your nose go, not that I can say I've seen many, it's really quite impressive.

Luckily on day 43 he finally got noticed by Rogen who tweeted: "Dear god man I'm noticing you! Stop! You don't have to proceed to the next holes!"


Given how much further he might have taken his stunt if he'd gone any longer without some recognition, we're quite glad we don't have to see what might have happened.

First off there's the obvious health risk from smoking every day (smoking kills, kiddos, cool kids don't do it), especially when four of them are coated in earwax and snot.

Then there's the very dramatic risk of one day getting killed by fluffing the trick of catching a lit cigar in your mouth.

While it would make for a spectacular exit, having your death certificate read that you died choking on a lit cigar with four more cigars jammed into the other holes in your head while trying to get Seth Rogen's attention is probably not how you'd want to be remembered.

At the very least your friends and family would have a really hard time claiming 'it's what he would have wanted'.

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Featured Image Credit: @hoodfamoustv_/Twitter / @sethrogen/Instagram

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