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Seth Rogen and his wife Lauren Miller survived 'insane' car crash on first date

Seth Rogen and his wife Lauren Miller survived 'insane' car crash on first date

The comedic couple, who have been married over a decade, almost lost their lives on their very first date.

Funnyman and film star, Seth Rogen, and wife actress-cum-director, Lauren Miller's first date almost ended as a nightmare when they narrowly escaped an 'insane crash'.

Seth Rogan shared the story of the time the couple almost met their fate on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Singer turned TV talk show host, Kelly Clarkson asked the Canadian actor and Pineapple Express star: "In your 20s, you also met your wife, Lauren. So, how did y'all meet?"

Rogen responds, saying: "We met through a friend at a birthday party actually. We started dating and on our very first date we got into a terrible car crash."

He continues by explaining that someone hit the car they were in, which Seth was driving at the time. Being the comedian he is, he made a joke out of it saying it was 'bonding' as the couple 'survived a little action movie together'.

Clarkson, shocked, asks if the crash was a 'bad one', to which Rogen nods and adds that his vehicle was 'completely trashed'.

Seth Rogen on The Kelly Clarkson Show.
YouTube/The Kelly Clarkson Show

The accident was caused by a 16-year-old who'd taken his dad's car, clipped the back of Rogen's vehicle and spun the couple 'across the entire freeway'.

The comedy couple were driving at 60 miles per hour at the time and were lucky to have survived the incident.

Lauren Miller's friend had to come to pick up the shaken pair and take them home - talk about an awkward first date.

If that wasn't bad enough, Rogen goes on to explain an even more uncomfortable date that followed when returning from a trip to Mexico.

The couple will have been married 12 years this year.
Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Moët and Chandon

"It was one of our first sleepovers." he explains, mentioning that he'd eaten a lot of washed vegetables and salads after being told not to consume any of the water whilst over there, as it can give you a bad tummy. You can probably see where this is going.

"I was in my own apartment, she was there, we'd just slept over, I was like 'this could be the beginning of a beautiful thing', and then I sh*t my pants horribly."

Instead of letting it ruin their date, Seth made sure Lauren didn't find out and bravely walked her back to her car without her suspecting a thing.

Despite two horrifically challenging dates where it seems the odds were stacked against them, the couple have been married for over a decade and continue to attend red carpet events together.

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