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Selena Gomez had to stop a livestream because fans were sending her money

Selena Gomez had to stop a livestream because fans were sending her money

Selena had no idea that people were sending real money.

Selena Gomez had to quickly cancel a livestream she was hosting with fans when she realised that people were sending her money.

In case you weren't sure whether or not Selena is the sweetest thing to come out of Disney Channel, this ought to do it:

The Only Murders In The Building star was chatting to her TikTok followers on a livestream last year when she noticed that people were sending her filters that then appeared on her face.

What Selena didn't realise was that viewers actually have to pay money to send those filters, which are described as 'gifts'.

About half of that money then goes toward the person hosting the livestream - the rest going directly into Mr TikTok's pocket.

Why anyone would pay money to send someone a filter is one thing, but why anyone would pay money to a wealthy celebrity is a whole other barrel of fish.

Selena, it would seem, was just as confused when she realised what was going on.

"Thank you for the filters," she told viewers, before turning to her friends and asking: "Is it true that people give you money when you're live?"

When her friends confirmed that people really were giving her money, she asked: "But, like, fake money?"

Selena was shocked to learn that fans were sending her real money.

Selena's pals let her know that, no, it wasn't fake money. People were really sending her, a two-time Grammy nominated artist and arguably one of the most famous women in Hollywood, money.

"No, I don't want people to do that, though!" she panicked.

"No, no, no, no. If there's anything that's, like, paying, please do not. That's so messed up!"

In the background, a friend suggested that maybe Selena could change the payee from herself to a different cause.

"Oh, the Rare Impact Fund! The Rare Impact Fund that I've done is really important to me," Selena thought out loud.

The fund aims to raise $100 million over ten years in the hopes of improving mental health services and education for young people around the world.

Speaking directly to any fans watching, she added: "I hope nobody is giving me anything that they don't need to, because I just wanted to do this for fun and have some time with everyone.

"Should I get off? I feel bad!"

After a bit of fiddling around with her phone, Selena can be heard muttering to herself: "Oh I can turn it off in settings," before the camera cuts out and the stream stops.

When a clip of the livestream resurfaced on Reddit, people had a lot to say.

Selena cancelled the livestream as quickly as she could.

Much like Selena, many couldn't believe that there were fans who loved her so much that they would send her their own money on a whim.

"Who the f*** sends money to celebrities? Weird," commented one viewer.

"I understand giving money to streamers, content creators you like, charities, etc. but giving someone who is already extremely wealthy doesn’t make sense," wrote a second.

But there's no need to tell Selena twice - she clearly agrees.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@selenagomez

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