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Selena Gomez hits back at criticism for not mentioning friend who donated a kidney

Selena Gomez hits back at criticism for not mentioning friend who donated a kidney

The singer's recent interview for Rolling Stone has landed her in hot water.

Selena Gomez has clapped back at criticism for not mentioning her friend who donated a kidney to her in a recent interview.

In the singer’s Apple TV+ documentary, My Mind and Me, Gomez opened up about her ongoing health struggles with lupus and how meeting her friend Francia Raisa, who donated her kidney to Gomez in 2017, was a ‘blessing’.

The pair met in 2007 during a visit to a children’s hospital, and, in 2021, Gomez thanked Raisa, saying: "I am forever grateful to you."

But in an interview with Rolling Stone, Gomez spoke about her struggles with making friends with über famous people.

REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni/Alamy

She said: “I never fit in with a cool group of girls that were celebrities."

She continued: "My only friend in the [music] industry really is Taylor [Swift], so I remember feeling like I didn’t belong."

The Only Murders in the Building actor’s comment was shared on Instagram by E! News alongside a picture of Gomez and Swift, where Raisa allegedly left a comment.

While the comment appears to have been deleted, screenshots indicate Raisa replied, saying: "Interesting."

Soon after, people began commenting on an Instagram photo of Gomez and Raisa shortly after the life-saving kidney transplant surgery, criticizing the singer for not mentioning her friend.

But when Gomez got wind of these comments, she did not hold back.


She wrote: “Sorry I didn’t mention every person I know.”

People on Twitter also condemned the actor’s response, as one person wrote: “I would've got that kidney back in blood.”

Another said: “There had to be a better way to say this.”

While a third person commented: “If I was Francia I would drag her to the operation clinic.”

However, many were quick to come to Gomez’s defence, as one person wrote: “Selena released a documentary on mental health & this woman is mad Selena didn't name drop her as a close friend in a Rolling Stone interview, when Selena said multiple times she's like family to her. Selena is not the villain here!”

While another commented: “Its clear something happened between them and I hope they make up! but Francia’s feelings are just as valid as Selena’s so I don't know why people are calling this girl names and saying she is chasing clout like be serious?”

It also appears that Raisa has unfollowed Gomez off Instagram.

But who knows, maybe these two are purely WhatsApp friends?

LADbible has reached out to Raisa's team for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/Alamy. selena.gomez/Instagram

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