Sarah Michelle Gellar Has Cruel Intentions Reunion For Her Birthday

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Has Cruel Intentions Reunion For Her Birthday

Cruel Intentions fans were delighted to see Sarah Michelle Gellar celebrate her 45th birthday with some familiar faces as she was joined by her old cast members.

Gellar turned 45 yesterday (April 14), but it was fans of the teen flick who were perhaps given the biggest present as the star posted a picture of herself on Instagram alongside Selma Blair and Ryan Phillippe, pals and co-stars in the much-loved film.

The trio were at artist Sam McKinniss' exhibit inspired by the 1999 teen film at Jeffrey Deitch Gallery in Los Angeles. Gellar captioned her photo: "Art and surprises on my birthday. What a special day," as she posed with Blair and Phillippe in front of paintings depicting Kathryn and Cecile's (Gellar and Blair) kiss and Sebastian's (Phillippe) naked rear.


Several celebrities replied to the star's posting, including Blair herself, who wrote: "Happy birthday to the Marcia f***ing Brady of the upper east side."

Based on the 1782 novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Gellar played Kathryn Merteuil, a rich Upper East Side teenager who makes a bet with her stepbrother Sebastian Valmont that he can't seduce the new principal's daughter Annette Hargrove (played by Reese Witherspoon). The film has become a nostalgic classic for many growing up around the time, and it spawned two sequels - although maybe less said about the third film the better.

Comic Robyn Schall was among the others to react to the post, while the actor also received a tonne of public well wishes elsewhere - including from I Know What You Did Last Summer actress, Lindsay Price, as well as Buffy The Vampire co-star Emma Caulfield.


Husband Freddie Prinze Jr., of course, also posted his well wishes - although he jokingly included a video showing the sheer amount of flowers his wife had received, commenting: "Ladies, we've got to talk about y'all needing flowers on your birthday," as he panned across the arrangements on their counter.

"Look at this. And it's not like y'all are ever around to collect them. It's us that has to get it again and again."


He continued: "You know what guys get for their birthday from their friends? A text. 'Hey man, happy birthday.' 'Yo, thanks. Good looking out.'

"No one had to go up and down stairs 2700 times to get flowers that are going to be dead in three days. Three days, tops," Prinze added.

Gellar saw the humour in it, replying underneath: "But I NEED them."

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