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Ryan Reynolds finally teaches everyone how to say Rob McElhenney's surname

Ryan Reynolds finally teaches everyone how to say Rob McElhenney's surname

The present came as a birthday surprise for Reynolds' Wrexham co-owner

Name the two owners of Wrexham football club. The two celebrities, you know the ones - Ryan Reynolds and Rob... go on, give it your best shot.

For 18 years, Rob McElhenney has starred in one of the most popular sitcoms on television; he's conducted interviews, gained fans on social media, and more recently become the co-owner of British football club Wrexham with Reynolds.

But throughout it all, people have struggled to pronounce the actor's last name. And Reynolds knows it.

The king of friendly trolling, Reynolds seems to have turned his attention away from his former frenemy Hugh Jackman to celebrate McElhenney's birthday today (14 April), and in true Reynolds fashion, he fully committed to the joke.

He could have just sent a card, but instead the Deadpool star enlisted the help of Wrexham fans as well as some of McElhenney's loved ones and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia co-stars to finally teach the world how to correctly say McElhenney's last name.

Admitting a card 'might’ve been easier', Reynolds unveiled his present to McElhenney on Twitter, along with an entire music video to go with it.

So, are you ready to learn?

Let's break it down, starting with the first four letters. Many have wrongly assumed these are pronounced 'Mickle', like 'tickle', but Reynolds made clear this is incorrect.

Instead, it's 'mackle', like 'tackle'.

Reynolds clearly put a lot of effort into the video.

"Only a pr*ck'll call him Mickle," says It's Always Sunny star Kaitlyn Olsen. She'd know, considering she's been married to McElhenney since 2008.

Next up, we have the 'henney' part.

You might think this section would be harder to get wrong, but people have evidently found a way as McElhenney's other co-stars, Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton, assure that the world is 'always rainy' when people call him 'haney'.

The song teaches us that the correct pronunciation of this section actually rhymes with 'penny'.

Reynolds really drives home the pronunciation by repeating it over and over, bringing Wrexham fans into the mix as they raise their drinks and cheer, presumably because they're finally able to pronounce the name with confidence.

Reynolds and McElhenney co-own Wrexham FC.

The video was obviously a lot more than McElhenney had bargained for on his birthday, as he soon responded to indicate that he was absolutely speechless.

"This is…. I mean… I don’t…. Wow," he wrote on Twitter.

I'm sure Reynolds' present has made for a birthday McElhenney will never forget - and there's really no excuse for anyone to get his name wrong ever again.

Now it's your turn. The song says it best - "you'll probably f*ck it up, but give it a try."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@vancityreynolds/REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo

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