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Fans think TV censored Rihanna's 'Illuminati sign' during Super Bowl performance

Fans think TV censored Rihanna's 'Illuminati sign' during Super Bowl performance

Rihanna made a hang signal during her Super Bowl performance and fans think it's the sign of a secret society

Some fans reckon Rihanna nearly let slip the existence of the secret society known as the Illuminati and forced TV bosses to cut away to preserve the mysterious group that definitely rules the world.

That's right true believers, the Illuminati has been confirmed once and for all because someone on TV made a triangle shape with their hands and the camera cut away to something else.

There have been plenty of celebrities who've been accused of getting into the Illuminati, of course denying the whole thing because whether you were or weren't in a secret group you'd say no anyway.

Now there's irrefutable, undeniable proof of a conspiracy which is a 100 percent guarantee that a shadowy cabal of powerful individuals is secretly controlling the fate of the world, or whatever it is secret societies are supposed to do.

At least that's according to some fans who reckon Rihanna made the Illuminati triangle symbol during her halftime performance at the Super Bowl and TV cameras had to cut away to avoid spilling secrets.

Illuminati confirmed, please ignore that she just sung the words 'diamonds in the sky' right before doing this.

One person said they 'just realized they censored her illuminati sign on TV', while plenty of others declared that the singer was 'part of the club' which supposedly secretly controls the world.

Another said Rihanna's performance was a sign that she'd just 'renewed her Illuminati contract', so it's helpful to know you routinely have to leave clues about this secret group's existence in one of the biggest TV events of the year or they won't let you back in.

Meanwhile, someone else who definitely doesn't have too much time on their hands went to town with diagrams of how the stage was actually designed to show off the Illuminati's triangles.

Others said they'd pledge allegiance to the Illuminati if Rihanna was part of the group, so maybe this is an effective recruitment strategy for them.

Or maybe the whole thing is just very silly and as some people pointed out she might have been making a diamond symbol in reference to her song 'Shine Bright Like a Diamond'.

That would make a good deal of sense as that was precisely what she had just been singing a moment before making the sign with her hands.

TV bosses totally censored Rihanna's Illuminati sign, or maybe just cut to something else because that's what they do.
Sipa US / Alamy Stock Photo

Someone else said it might have been a tribute to Jay-Z, who helped Rihanna shoot to stardom in her early days, so perhaps the idea that you've lifted the lid on the Illuminati is probably best left alone for a while.

That is, of course, unless you think we're also in on the whole Illuminati thing and have done this to throw you off the scent at the behest of our lizard people overlords who secretly control the world but leave a whole bunch of clues and references to ourselves to keep you investigating.

But that's just ridiculous, we're definitely not part of the shadowy cabal that is the Illuminati and frankly we're pretty doubtful they even exist.

However, if the Illuminati is real, recruiting and reading this then please do get in contact with us as we'd quite like to join up and rule the world.

Featured Image Credit: NFL/YouTube

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