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Ray J threatens to sue Kim Kardashian after suggesting he sexually assaulted her

Ray J threatens to sue Kim Kardashian after suggesting he sexually assaulted her

"Let's get to the facts of what happened"

Ray J has threatened to sue Kim Kardashian after she suggested he may have sexually assaulted her.

Earlier this year, a clip of Hulu's The Kardashians was shared by TMZ in which Kim talks about the claims there was a second sex tape of her with her ex Ray J floating around.

While speaking on the phone, the reality TV star says: "I’m 99.9 percent sure [it doesn’t exist] but the fact that these people keep saying they have a tape, what if I was f**king asleep and he stuffed a d***o up my a**?

"I don’t know. I don’t remember anything. It’s completely illegal. Have Marty [Singer] scare the s**t out of this guy."

Kim Kardashian previously discussed the sex tape controversy on a recent episode of the Hulu show.

In May, Ray J spoke out and claimed the second tape does exist, but strongly refuted the suggestion made in the Hulu show, saying it made him sound ‘like a rapist’.

More recently, the rapper claimed her mother and ‘momager’ Kris Jenner made he and Kim shoot three sex tapes before choosing the best one to release to the public, adding to previous rumours that she orchestrated the 2007 leak in order to build her daughter's celebrity status.

Last Sunday, 11 September, Ray J shared a series of angry Instagram videos after Jenner took a lie detector test on the Late Late Showwhich indicated she was telling the truth when she claimed she had nothing to do with releasing her daughter's sex tape.

In the posts, the singer – real name William Ray Norwood Jr. – discussed the famous family for over an hour while presenting 'evidence' that he had a contract for three tapes.

And now it looks like Ray J is ready to sue the family, as he is still furious about how the situation has unfolded.

Ray J previously shared messages he had sent to Kardashian to back his claims.

Speaking to TMZ, he described how he's been struggling to find the right lawyers to work with him on the case as people are concerned about the power and money behind the Kardashian clan.

"Let me represent myself then because I'm not afraid of them," he says. "And I'm not afraid of the truth."

Ray J also describes how it's a positive that Kris took the lie detector test as it gives him another year to sue due to the statute of limitations.

"Now I can sue it for exactly what you've been doing – lying," he adds. "Let's get to the facts of what happened, let's get to the facts of the timeline of when it happened.

Kris Jenner took a lie detector test about the leak allegations.

"All that crying that you did was all fake, all the stuff you said, all the people you lied to all around the world."

After discussing the claims made on the Hulu show, then asks: "If this was real, why don't you then sue me? That's criminal."

UNILAD has contacted reps for Ray J and the Kardashians for comment.

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