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Video of Raven-Symoné mocking Amber Heard goes viral

Video of Raven-Symoné mocking Amber Heard goes viral

Raven-Symoné bumped into Amber Heard while charging her Tesla

A video has resurfaced of Raven-Symoné ripping into Amber Heard.

She and her wife, Miranda Maday, took to social a while back and posted a video of them in their car while they were charging at a Tesla port. Here's what they had to say about the actor:

Cast your mind back almost a year. Johnny Depp and his ex-wife were just about to head to court in what was one of the biggest defamation cases most of us has ever seen.

The Pirates of The Caribbean star was suing Heard over a column she'd written in the Washington Post, where she'd claimed that she had been abused by a previous partner.

While it didn't name him specifically, Depp claimed that it was obviously about him and badly affected his career as a result.

He ended up suing the Aquaman star for $50 million, with her in turn countersuing him for $100m.

In the end, Depp won his case, though was awarded just $15m in total, while Heard won $2m.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp were involved in a high profile defamation case last year.
MediaPunch Inc/Alamy

Televised live everyday, the whole exercise was incredibly intrusive and embarrassing for both parties.

As such, everybody had an opinion about whether one side was lying or not.

And now, a video of Raven poking fun at Heard has started doing the rounds on social media.

In the short clip, the former Disney actor explains that the woman charging her car next to them is 'Amber lesbian lover Heard'.

Referencing Depp's missing tip of his finger, she says: "Cut my finger off and see if she'll claim it."

The pair are then seen staring over at Heard, who they joke is 'on her phone to her lawyer' and whose girlfriend 'looks like Johnny Depp'.

Heard apparently gets 'so upset' and starts 'yelling' and 'screaming'.

"I wish I could film this right now, she's so upset," says Raven.

Raven met Amber Heard.

"I can't even taken it, don't look at her, stop staring at her, babes. She is crazy."

The video then cuts back to them, with Raven explaining that she'd just got a photo with Heard in the parking lot.

But it didn't go that well for the 36-year-old.

Miranda says: "As soon as Raven walks away, she goes back to her car and her car is locked.

"With her phone inside, her purse inside, the snacks that she was nibbling on... "

Raven jumps in: "I was like, 'Babes, unplug the car, unplug the car!'"

Signing off the video, the couple say: "Thanks, Amber! Good luck!"

Since the video started doing the rounds, Raven and Miranda have come in for a bit of criticism, with people claiming they're being pretty mean.

Writing on Twitter, one user says: "Woah I didn’t know raven was nasty like that."

Another added: "Yuck."

UNILAD has contacted Raven-Symoné's representatives for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Raven-Symoné/REUTERS/Alamy

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