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People praise Post Malone for ignoring security guard during concert

People praise Post Malone for ignoring security guard during concert

He shall not be moved.

Post Malone was not having it when a security guard tried to intervene while he was vibing at a concert.

Check out the whole exchange below:

The 27-year-old musician is currently embarking on a tour to promote his Twelve Carat Toothache album.

One fan on TikTok who attended a show filmed the moment a security guard tried to get the 'One Right Now' performer to leave the stage after the concert finished.

But Post Malone - real name Austin Richard Post - was having too much of a good time with his fans in the front row.

Realising it was a losing battle, the security leaves him alone as the festivities continue - and it's pretty adorable.

TikTok user @idek123456 shared the moment on the video sharing app and fans are loving it.

“Change my mind: post Malone has the most unproblematic fans ever name a time a Post Malone concert turned bad,” declared one person.

Another fan thought the whole situation was hilarious, writing: “The way he ignored him.”

Post Malone did not want to move.

After watching the clip, lots of people now want to party with the father-of-one. “We need to protect this man at all cost,” a fan gushed in the comments.

“And I need to find a way to party with him for a night lol.”

There was also a lot of love for the security guard, with one fan writing: “I love the security guy who was like ‘eh. You do you’.”

Another person noted: “Not the security guard doin a little dancy dance before getting into character.”

Other people compared the on-stage moment to some funny real life situations we’ve all seen or experienced. “Like a parent trying to get their child,” one person said.

While another TikTok commenter wrote: “My husband trying to get me home after a few to many.”

The uploader of the video shed some light on the situation in the comments.

“He just didn't feel like getting offstage after the show lol,” they said in response to a fan who asked what happened before the video.

Post Malone at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards.
Erik Pendzich / Alamy Stock Photo.

Earlier this month, fans came to Post Malone's defence after he was called a b***h on camera.

While meeting his loyal supporters outside of a venue with a big smile on his face, a heckler began yelling abuse as he signed autographs and hung out with fans.

As Malone comprehended what was being yelled at him, the smile faded from his face.

A teen boy could be heard screaming: "Post Malone! You a b***h!"

"You suck!"

Twitter users called the boy's actions 'rude' and 'lame'.

Featured Image Credit: idek123456/TikTok

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