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Pete Davidson responds to Hollywood dating reputation and says it makes him feel 'sh*tty'

Pete Davidson responds to Hollywood dating reputation and says it makes him feel 'sh*tty'

The comedian has opened up about his 'interesting' dating history throughout the years

Pete Davidson, 29, has responded to his Hollywood dating reputation and has revealed exactly how he feels about it.

The comedian has coupled up with some very big names in the industry within the last few years but has opened up how they all left him feeling 's**tty'.

Some of the A-listers the Meet Cute star has dated include the likes of Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski and Ariana Grande.

Real Ones with Jon Bernthal

Davidson is an incredibly successful comic who has starred on NBC's late-night sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live for eight seasons.

He's also tried tested out the waters in the world of acting and has got involved in some pretty avant-garde projects like the horror-thriller Bodies Bodies Bodies as well as being a writer for the semi-autobiographical flick about his childhood, The King of Staten Island.

However, it seems like the thing Davidson is best known for are his relationships with high-profile women in the biz.

The jack of all trades dated Grande back in May 2018 and went on to get engaged with the 'Side to Side' singer in June of that same year.

However, the cute couple called off the wedding just a few months later in October.

Pete Davidson has an impressive relationship track record.
Sipa US / Alamy Stock Photo

Arguably one of his most famous former flames was Kardashian, who he dated back in October 2021 after the highly-publicised Kim and Kanye split.

While they ended up amicably calling it quits in August of last year - it's clear that Davidson has quite a reputation attached to his name.

Speaking on a recent episode of Real Ones with Jon Bernthal, Davidson opened up about his dating track record and the public's fascination with his love life.

He told Bernthal: "I think what happened was I became more known before the work was there. But I was always working."

"Look," he continued, "I'm in my 20s and I've dated people and for some reason that is very crazy and interesting to people."

Davidson went on to say that he doesn't think his dating history is 'that interesting' before explaining: "I've been in show business for half my life almost, for like 14, 15 years, and on a national TV show.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande pictured in 2018.
AFF / Alamy Stock Photo

"And in 12 years, I've dated like 10 people, I don't really think that's that crazy. But to some people it seems very interesting."

Davidson continued: "These people that I've dated, like I've met them at work. Like, I wasn't in anyone's DMs, no one was in mine. I worked at one of the five Hollywood epicenters where you meet people.

"And that's just who I was working with and who I was around."

The star admitted that he has been thrown into the 'zeitgeist' but also maintained that all of the buzz surrounding his relationships had 'zero to do with the work'.

"And that is a really s***ty feeling," Davidson said.

Featured Image Credit: Real Ones with Jon Bernthal / Newscom / Alamy Stock Photo

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