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Pete Davidson says the attention on his high-profile relationships made him feel like a ‘f**king loser’
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian. Doug Peters / Alamy Stock Photo

Pete Davidson says the attention on his high-profile relationships made him feel like a ‘f**king loser’

The Saturday Night Live comedian was upset at everyone's obsession with who he was dating.

Pete Davidson has spoken out about everyone's obsession with who he is dating.

The Saturday Night Live comedian has had a string of high-profile relationships over the last few years that have attracted countless headlines.

After being engaged to Ariana Grande, he has had flings with Kate Beckinsale, Margaret Qualley, Phoebe Dynevor and Kim Kardashian.

He was also linked to Emily Ratajkowski for a hot minute.

But he insists that his dating history isn't something seedy or something to be mocked.

Instagram/Kim Kardashian

“When your own show [pokes fun at you], I’d be sitting in the back watching the cold open and, the cold open [is] topical, political humor, whatever’s in the culture,” Davidson said on Real Ones with Jon Bernthal, referring to how SNL would rip on his partner of the moment.

"And then, making fun of you.

"Then you’ve got to walk out and do a sketch next and hit your mark and the show just made fun of you.

"So, why are they going laugh at you? Like, they just dogged you in front of everyone. And you’re like, ‘I’m a f**king loser, man.'”

He said the jokes made him feel 'insecure' and a 'small person' at the time.

Davidson joined Saturday Night Live back in 2014 and climbed his way up to be a main player on the long-running sketch and comedy show.

However, he announced last year that he would be parting ways.

Judging from his interview with Bernthal, it seems like things are still a little bitter.

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“These are the people I’ve been with for almost a decade. I grew up in front of these people," he said.

"They’ve watched me through the most difficult time in my life, and they’ve been there for me.

"And nobody ever showed more leeway and grace to me than [‘SNL’ creator] Lorne Michaels, and I owe my life to that guy, but it was f**king confusing cause the nature of entertainment is the nature of this business.

"At the end of the day, that’s what it is. This was a really difficult thing to do. You feel small. You feel super insecure.”

He wants people to stop obsessing over who he is dating.

“I’m in my 20s and I’ve dated people. And for some reason, that’s very crazy and interesting to people," he said.

"I don’t think it’s interesting. I’ve been in show business for, like, half my life almost — for 14 or 15 years and on a national TV show.

"In 12 years I’ve dated 10 people. I don’t think that’s that crazy, but to some people, that’s very interesting. That became all anyone would talk about.”

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