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Iconic actor Paul Hogan is desperate to return to Australia as his health declines
Featured Image Credit: Channel Nine/ 20th Century Fox.

Iconic actor Paul Hogan is desperate to return to Australia as his health declines

There's no beating a home that is girt by sea.

Crocodile Dundee mega-superstar Paul Hogan is desperate to come back to Australia.

The 83-year-old hails from Sydney, and revealed to A Current Affair's Tracey Grimshaw that not only is he in poor health, but he's also homesick.

"[I've] been better," Hogan revealed.

He added: "I'm not in the place I'm meant to be, but I'm not allowed to complain about anything, I've had such a gifted life."

Paul Hogan as Crocodile Dundee.
20th Century Fox

The iconic actor, who has been living in the US for ages, said he's ready to come home.

"I've had so many wonderful things happen to me without deserving them so I shouldn't complain but, yeah, ideally I'd rather be back in Sydney because I miss the rest of my family there," he said as per A Current Affair.

Hogan told The Daily Telegraph last month he'd been 'homesick for years'.

"I miss the people, the ambience – and there's something you just can't put your finger on, but there's something about Australia that is friendlier and more laid-back," Hogan said.

"It never takes itself seriously – there's no arrogance like there is in other places."

Hogan and Grimshaw.

Plus, warm weather and a sunny Aussie disposition would likely do wonders for his health issues that has left him so weak he needs his son Chance to help around the house.

"I had a problem on the aorta in the kidney and the treatment fixed it, but it shrunk me," Hogan said of his health struggle on A Current Affair.

The once fit-as-a-fiddle Aussie larrakin revealed that, as a result of the treatment, he has been left weak and feeble.

"I've lost all my body fat and the muscles all shrank and the strength has come back, because it left me feeble. I get [my son] Chance to open jars for me."

Hogan revealed the steroid treatment to treat his health issue was actually far worse than the actual disease.

Paul Hogan and his now ex-wife Linda Kozlowski in Crocodile Dundee. They share a son, Chance.
20th Century Fox

"They shrink your muscles and [they're] supposed to make you fat, but I got thinner and thinner and thinner," Hogan told Grimshaw.

"I'm now in the business of trying to put a bit of fat on … because you feel the cold too much when you've got no body fat."

Sounds like he's in dire need of a trip to Bondi Beach, if you ask us.

Hogan gained international attention when he appeared in the iconic 'shrimp on the barbie' ad for Tourism Australia in the 1980s, a phrase no Australian has ever actually said.

He then went on to star in Crocodile Dundee and now lives in Los Angeles.

But he still calls Australia home.

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