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Oscar nominee Tems is criticized for her 'rude' outfit blocking people's view

Oscar nominee Tems is criticized for her 'rude' outfit blocking people's view

Even Star Wars' Mark Hamill had something to say.

Like every year, the 95th Oscars provided celebrities with a unique chance to parade their most flamboyant outfits for one glamorous night only.

It seems that nominated singer Tems subscribed to the 'go big or go home' mantra with her white number, immediately trolled by viewers at home.

The artists was nominated for Best Original Song alongside Rihanna, director Ryan Coogler and Ludwig Goransson for 'Lift Me Up,' included in the soundtrack of Marvel movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

On the champagne carpet for the event, the 'Vibe Out' hitmaker stunned fans with a puffy dress crafted by LA-based fashion designer Lessja Verlingieri of Lever Couture. But while Tems' look turned heads before the ceremony started, it also broke some necks once guests took their seats.

Tems on the Oscars carpet.

Tems' dreamy dress was accessorised with a big headpiece that appeared to block the view for those sitting behind her. The not very practical outfit was criticised on social media as people realised sitting behind Tems was similar to standing behind someone very tall at a concert.

In a clip posted to Twitter by music producer Alex Medina, a woman's head can be seen poking behind Tems' veiled headpiece. The poor guest moves her head hoping to have a better view of the stage to mixed results as she's almost completely covered by the hat. Meanwhile, Tems sat without realising the panic she had generated in the rows behind hers.

"I’m cryinnnnnnn," Medina wrote, adding: "tems got that lady fighting for her life."

The headpiece was slammed by Internet users, who deemed it not appropriate for such an event. The conversation also involved some celebrities watching the Oscars from the comfort of their homes, namely Star Wars actor Mark Hamill.

The Luke Skywalker star couldn't help but comment on Tems' fashion sense, tweeting: "With my luck, I'd get Oscar tickets, then be seated directly behind the woman wearing that gigantic white veil."

He wasn't the only one shocked by Tems' fashion paired with a lack of common sense. One person commented: "It's rude and obnoxious," while another likened it to a "Sunday church hat."

"The red carpet equivalent of a Sunday church hat," they wrote.

Another person was more lenient, conceding the dress was beautiful though a little careless of others.

"It was gorgeous but I was wondering what the people behind her did," one viewer asked.

As for Best Original Song, Tems, RiRi & co. lost to M.M. Keeravaanii and Chandrabose, who were given the award for 'Naatu Naatu,' part of the music for Indian movie RRR.

Featured Image Credit: ABC

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