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One Tree Hill's Bevin Prince emotionally opens up about husband being killed by lightning strike
Featured Image Credit: ABC/@bevinaprince / Instagram

One Tree Hill's Bevin Prince emotionally opens up about husband being killed by lightning strike

Bevin Prince gave her first on-air interview since the tragic death of her husband William Friend

One Tree Hill actor Bevin Prince has spoke about the death of her husband who tragically lost his life by lightning strike.

On 3 July, Bevin's husband William Friend, 33, lost his life on a family boat trip near Masonboro Island, California.

In her first on-camera interview since the incident, Bevin told ABC News she has lost her 'soulmate'.

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Bevin, 40, who is known for playing the role of Bevin Mirskey in the drama series, tied the knot with Friend back in 2016.

Friend was the CEO of Bisnow Media, a digital media company which holds 650 digital and live events each year.

When the incident took place, Bevin said that the couple were stood on separate boats.

Friend, who was nearby Prince's father at the time, said: "If we get struck by lightning, Mike, this is where I wanna be."

ABC News

"It was instant," Bevin recalled.

"They rushed over to him and, at the time, a police boat happened to be coming by, so they moved him over to the police boat quickly.

"And from what I've heard, you know, spent a lot of time and care trying to resuscitate him."

Bevin believes there was 'divinity' in his passing and said: "I believe it was really his time.

"He was 33 years old. It was July 3 and I believe the exact time that the lightning struck was 3.13pm.

"So knowing that all the resources were there to potentially save him, I have to believe that something bigger beyond me was calling him."

ABC News

Following the tragic loss of Bevin’s husband, a close friend, Odette Annable, wrote: "The unimaginable has happened and we have to say goodbye to another friend, @britwilliam.

"My best friend @bevinaprince beloved husband. Will, it feels surreal writing this. Mostly because it feels like you were just getting started. The life and love that you gave to my best friend made it feel okay that we were thousands of miles apart.

"As I sit in your beautiful home, looking out onto the ocean, I keep thinking about what a gift you gave to Bevin. What a gift you gave to everyone who knew you to witness the passion that burned in your soul.

"The passion to help people, to build your business, to find happiness like I’d never seen from you living in North Carolina with Bevin.

"You were perfect for her in every way. You supported her dreams, you made her feel seen, you adored her with every bit of your soul and I will forever be grateful to witness that kind of love.

ABC News

"Being here with Bevin, hearing her share stories about you and your love breaks my heart for her because she lost the love of her life and the world lost a really really good one.

"I know you will still be with her and your gorgeous brothers and family the Prince family, and we will all feel you spreading your light and beauty through everyone who was fortunate enough to know you. At only 33 years old, you did it, and you went out like no other in a blaze of glory."

She concluded: "May you Rest In Peace you charming, witty, beautiful British man who loved the s**t out of America. I love you."

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