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People all have same awkward concern for Zendaya after she wears metal armor to Dune 2 premiere
Featured Image Credit: Samir Hussein/WireImage/ Samir Hussein/WireImage

People all have same awkward concern for Zendaya after she wears metal armor to Dune 2 premiere

The actor wowed fans at the Dune 2 premiere, but some people couldn't help voice their concerns

Zendaya dressed to impress at the Dune: Part Two premiere in London this week, but a lot of fans have shared concerns about a potential issue with her look.

The Spider-Man actor appeared alongside her co-stars in Leicester Square yesterday (15 February) to celebrate the highly-anticipated sequel to 2021's Dune.

The cast looked well coordinated in their outfits as they largely followed a black, white and silver color scheme, but Zendaya who went above and beyond in an entire suit of armor.

The impressive outfit featured shiny heeled boots, silver gloves and a high neckline, with see-through windows cut into the silver on the actor's thighs, stomach, chest and butt.

Zendaya's outfit of choice received a lot of praise from fans who turned to X to share their thoughts, with one person crediting her with 'giving us serve after serve for the Dune press tour' while others relied hard on the 'fire' emoji to describe the armor.

However, upon closer inspection of Zendaya's outfit, some fans did notice a potential issue.

Zendaya's armor featured a number of windows.
Samir Hussein/WireImage

While the two windows showing off Zendaya's butt might have been a stylistic choice, they could also give away some secrets.

One X user wrote: "Imagine her farting in that and the cheeks getting all steamed up."

"You read my mind," another person responded after reading the post, while a third added: "All I can think about now, cheers."

Other X users also shared the same concern, with one sharing a picture of Zendaya at the premier and asking: "And if she farts?…."

"So if Zendaya farts in this outfit does it just like fog up," added another.

Now, since I wasn't in attendance at the premiere myself, I can't tell you whether Zendaya's rear window ever did steam up during the evening, but hopefully there was some kind of ventilation in place just in case.

Fans expressed their concerns for the actor.

Though her outfit is clearly new to a lot of people, a lot of eagle-eyed fashion fans recognized the armor as coming from the archives of designer Thierry Mugler.

The armor was first put on display in 1995, when it was modelled with a matching headpiece and a sheer black cape. It took six months to create, and was inspired by the fictional character Futura from the dystopian novel Metropolis, written by Thea von Harbou.

Zendaya's outfit for the Dune: Part Two premiere was styled by her longtime friend and collaborator Law Roach.

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