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Travis Kelce shares stern warning he received before meeting Royal Family at Taylor Swift concert

Travis Kelce shares stern warning he received before meeting Royal Family at Taylor Swift concert

There are strict rules when meeting the Royals

Meeting the British royalty isn’t something only common folk fangirls do; it’s celebrities too.

What a world we live in, when Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift and the Royals are in the same room together.

But that’s what happened when Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte decided to pop on over to a Swiftie concert during her UK section of the Eras Tour.

They met him at London's Wembley Stadium and their selfie was shared on 21 June, which was Prince William's 42nd birthday.

Prince William clearly enjoyed himself as a video made the rounds on social media showing his ‘dad dancing’ up on the balcony.

After months of flaunting her relationship with the Chiefs star, the pair shared their first official photo together as a couple on Swift’s Instagram page and were joined by none other than the Royal Family themselves.

Which Kelce was ecstatic about.

I mean, what other time would an NFL player get to meet a Prince if not at a T-Swift concert? Right…

Anyways, Kelce opened up about his experience and dubbed the future King a 'cool motherf***er'.

He shared his story when speaking to his brother, Jason Kelce on their New Heights podcast, and about the ‘warning’ that was given before they were able to meet the family.

Travis said: "We met royalty guys. That's right, there was royalty at the show.

"Dude, he was the coolest motherf***er. He was so cool! I didn’t realize this, 'cause obviously we’re backstage meeting him, because he was there with little George and Charlotte, and they were an absolute delight to meet.

Travis and Taylor met the Royals. Instagram/ @taylorswift
Travis and Taylor met the Royals. Instagram/ @taylorswift

"Wasn’t sure if I was supposed to like bow to them, curtsy, just be an American idiot and shake their hand."

But Jason shared the warning they received, adding: "But they said that because we weren’t at like an official royal event, we didn’t need to bow or curtsy. If it would have been like an official meeting of royalty event, then it would have been that.

"But I did still address him as Your Royal Highness. I've never felt emasculated. And I did. That was the closest I've ever been."

Jason went on to share that the highlight of his meeting wasn’t with either Prince, but with the Princess who had a ‘fire’ about her.

He explained: "The highlight was Princess Charlotte, Prince George was great too, but she was so f***ing adorable.

"I cannot express how much of a superstar she was. Maybe it's because I have three girls now, but she had fire to her, she was asking questions, that was the most electric part of it."

As well as hanging out with the royals, Kelce enjoyed the local nightlife and shared: "The beers, they're a little bit tastier over here, they've been doing it for a little bit longer, it does taste really nice over here.

"The scenery is awesome, it kind of switches depending on which part of London you're in, and I like that."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/NewHeights / Instagram/@taylorswift

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