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David Letterman defends Taylor Swift telling NFL critics to ‘shut up’

David Letterman defends Taylor Swift telling NFL critics to ‘shut up’

Letterman let loose on those criticising Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, telling them to shut up and dubbed the couple a good thing.

David Letterman has a firm message to the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce haters - and he really goes off.

As far as David Letterman is concerned, the union between Swifties and football fans is a match made in heaven and a force for good.

Posting a video on his Instagram page, the former Late Night with David Letterman host, said he was sick and tired of the critics taking aim at the pop phenomenon that is Taylor Swift.

If you haven't been living under a rock, you would have noticed that the NFL has a new star who is helping to pack stadiums without so much as touching a football.

Since Taylor Swift began dating Kansas City Chief’s tight end Travis Kelce, she has increased the football team’s brand value significantly. Not just a couple million here and there, according to data from Apex Marketing Group, she has increased it in the area of $331.5 million this season alone.

You would think it would be happy days all around but nope, just like with everything people, are up in arms. It's always something.

On Monday (Jan 30) Letterman addressed the Taylor Swift fans unhappy with her support of the team, as she has been seen at multiple Chief games.

He also addressed the football fans who are tired of the focus on the pop star.

“I don’t think in the history of show business, in the history of pop culture, that we have witnessed anything like this,” Letterman said of Swift’s influence.

“Tremendous, she fills stadiums around the world and puts on a three-hour show."

He then proceeded to complain about the 'ugliness' of the state of the world right now.

"We live in a world now where all we hear is nonsense and ugliness," he said.

Letterman said he was sick and tired of the critics.

“The nonsense can’t be more nonsensical and the ugliness, God hopes it can’t get any uglier, but that is all we hear.

“So now here is Taylor Swift who is a glowing bright light of goodness in the world and she starts dating [Travis Kelce].

“People go crazy. And the [Travis Kelce] people go oh no, no, don’t bother us, we are all caught up in football, we don’t want Taylor in football.

“And the Taylor Swift people, the Swifties, are saying we don’t want a footballer.

Letterman insisted Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are a force for good.
Patrick Smith/Getty Images

“I say to both camps, this is such a lovely thing. Shut up. It is good for the footballers, it is good for Taylor Swift and it is something positive and I am happy for the world.

“Also politically, Taylor Swift is a huge force and I think just wants to see people do the right thing. So God bless Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.”

Social media users on the page were very much on Letterman’s side and dubbed him ‘Team Taylor’ for his support of the star.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/letterman / Patrick Smith/Getty Images

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