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Sydney Sweeney responds to fans who took SNL boob jokes seriously
Featured Image Credit: Steve Granitz/FilmMagic via Getty/NBC

Sydney Sweeney responds to fans who took SNL boob jokes seriously

The Anyone But You star made the joke during her SNL monologue

Sydney Sweeney has responded to Saturday Night Live fans who took issue with the jokes she made about her boobs while hosting the show.

The Anyone But You star was front and center on SNL earlier this month as she launched into a monologue in which she described trying to make it as an actor.

Sweeney explained that she'd come up with a five-year plan to convince her parents she'd be able to succeed in Hollywood, with her plans to audition, find an agent and get a SAG card all laid out in a presentation.

Dressed in a low-cut dress, Sweeney then joked to viewers that she had a backup plan if it all went to s**t: "Plan B: Show boobs."

The joke was met with laughter from the audience and her monologue as a whole received a lot of praise online, though there were some people who were critical of the jokes about her body.

"I haven’t seen a single clip from Sydney Sweeney’s snl episode where the punchline was anything other than 'hot woman has boobs'," one person wrote on X.

Sydney Sweeney joked her Plan B was 'show boobs'.

Another commented: "Sydney Sweeney is more than her boobs. Do better

@nbcsnl #SNL."

Sweeney has previously agreed with that sentiment, telling GQ: "My body doesn’t define who I am."

However, she expressed belief that the joke about her boobs being part of her master plan was lost on a lot of people, some of who claimed her appearance on SNL marked the 'end of wokeness'.

"Wokeness is dead," one X user wrote alongside a clip of Sweeney on the show.

In a new interview with the publication, the actor responded to the critics and those trying to make more out of her appearance.

Sweeney believes the joke was lost on a lot of people.
Alberto Rodriguez/Variety via Getty Images

She commented: “There's so many people out there who are like, ‘Oh, she's famous because she showed her boobs'.”

Though she's been acting since she was a child, Sweeney gained more attention in more recent roles in Euphoria, The White Lotus and Anyone But You.

Now 26, Sweeney said she had to 'learn the system' when it comes to dealing with people's assumptions about her.

“You can try and fight it but they just fight back," she said. "Even if you stand up for yourself, people are going to attack you for standing up for yourself.”

Sweeney is now looking ahead to some of her future releases, including her new movie Immaculate and the upcoming thriller Eden.

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