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Sabrina Carpenter left speechless after fan gives wild revelation at show

Sabrina Carpenter left speechless after fan gives wild revelation at show

Sabrina Carpenter chatted to a fan during a pause in the show, and was left floored by what she had to say

Sabrina Carpenter was left stunned after an interaction with a fan at one of her concerts, and it's safe to say no one could have predicted what happened.

As the old saying goes 'the show must go on', but sometimes something happens which means someone needs to take a moment to recover their composure.

And that's exactly what happened during a Sabrina Carpenter concert.

Sabrina Carpenter spoke to a fan. (@InternetH0F/X)
Sabrina Carpenter spoke to a fan. (@InternetH0F/X)

A video shows a moment which left the musician quite literally flawed after an enormous bombshell was dropped during the gig.

Many artists will take a moment during a gig to speak to members of the audience.

They might ask them a few questions about who they're there with or their favourite songs.

Carpenter had taken a minute out of the gig and gone up to a fan who was sitting on the front row of the concert.

As often happens in these scenarios she began chatting, business as usual, nothing untoward going on here.

But needless to say that was about to change very quickly. Take a look:

Carpenter asked the fan: "Who did you come here with tonight?"

The fan replied in a surprisingly steady voice considering what was coming: "I'm here with my mom."

This prompted a chorus of 'awwws' from the the audience, as well as Carpenter who gave a shout out saying 'Hi Paloma's mom.'

All of them thought it was a sweet mother/daughter bonding moment - how wrong they were.

Carpenter continued, saying: "I chose you [to speak to] because you told me you were heartbroken, and I want you to tell me what happened."

Carpenter was literally floored by the fan's admission. (@InternetH0F/X)
Carpenter was literally floored by the fan's admission. (@InternetH0F/X)

After a slight pause, the fan replied: "Well, my mom slept with my boyfriend, and she doesn't know I know."

I mean, where do you go from there?

Carpenter seems to freeze as the fan talks, before covering her mouth as what she was just told sinks in properly.

The singer then simply collapses back onto the stage as the audience reacts to the shocking revelation that the daughter just came out with.

Many people piled into the comments to share their thoughts on the insane moment.

One wrote: "I love that the daughter waited until the concert and that moment to announce that she knew."

Another praised Carpenter's reaction, commenting: "What would anyone say after a stranger drops that nuke."

A third simply went for the classic Anchorman meme, writing: "Well that escalated quickly!"

Let's just hope the daughter had a lift arranged or that was going to one hell of an awkward ride home.

Featured Image Credit: @InternetH0F/X

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