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Venue responds after Pink is refused entry and turned away
Featured Image Credit: Gilbert Flores/Billboard via Getty Images/ Instagram/ @manlyskiff

Venue responds after Pink is refused entry and turned away

It's embarrassing enough when the standard Joe like me or you experiences this but imagine it when you're a global pop star.

P!nk was refused entry to a club in Sydney and the venue has since addressed the incident.

It's embarrassing enough when the standard Joe like me or you gets turned away from our local bar or club - either because we've had one too many at the pre's or we've forgotten our ID.

However, if you're a global pop star it's probably even more awkward.

P!nk - real name Alecia Beth Moore - was in Sydney, Australia for her Summer Carnival Tour and on a day off decided to go to a restaurant called the Manly 16ft Skiff Sailing Club.

Despite having a booking at the bar, the 44-year-old was turned away from the venue because she didn't have an ID on her, Manly Market Manager Mark Eymes told local outlet Manly Observer.

The local continued: "They said she couldn’t come in without it, even though she explained that she’d already secured her booking with a deposit."

Eymes says instead of 'throw[ing] her weight around,' the 'So What' singer remained 'really pleasant despite being a little upset that she couldn't come in' and so the next thing he saw was the singer and her group simply 'walking away'.

"They just turfed her out. [...] It was just such a shame and I felt a little embarrassed that a solution couldn’t be found," he adds.

According to, the singer was with her family at the time and the club has since responded to the incident.

P!nk wasn't allowed in the club.
Getty Images/ Alexander Tamargo

Secretary manager of Manly Skiff Club, Matt Hazell, released a statement on the incident.

It reads, as quoted by "It's a shame, we understand the situation was frustrating, and for that, we apologise to Pink. We all missed a real opportunity here to show Pink and her crew, some of the best food and hospitality Sydney has to offer.

"The Manly 16ft Skiff Sailing Club extends our sincerest apologies to Pink, her family, and friends for the inconvenience experienced during her recent visit to our venue," Hazell continued.

"It's important to clarify that Pink was not 'turfed out'; she chose to leave after encountering the sign-in process issue.

"As a 100-year-old sailing club, we have policies to ensure all patrons are signed in correctly. However, there was a misunderstanding, and we regret any embarrassment or frustration caused."

"We appreciate Pink [sic] graciousness and hope to welcome her back soon."

UNILAD has reached out to Manly Skiff Club and P!nk's representatives for further comment.

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