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Pete Davidson 'fresh out of rehab' opens up on using ketamine every day for four years

Pete Davidson 'fresh out of rehab' opens up on using ketamine every day for four years

The comedian has opened up on his daily ketamine habit

Pete Davidson has opened up about the four years he spent taking ketamine before he started going to rehab after another stint in treatment.

The comedian had been performing in Atlantic City, New Jersey alongside fellow funny men, John Mulaney and Jon Stewart, on 10 September when he addressed the crowd.

According to People, the comedian was performing at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s Ettes Arena when he spoke about his ketamine addiction and confessed that for four years he had been taking the drug on a daily basis.

He said: "I am fresh out of rehab, everyone. I got that post-rehab glow. Seventh time’s the charm!"

Davidson went on to say that taking ketamine every day for four years had been 'magical' and discussed the drug's mind-altering effects by telling the crowd he once 'got The Wiggles to mesh with Schindler's List'.

Pete Davidson spoke about his latest trip to rehab during a show.
Jamie McCarthy/WireImage/Getty

The 29-year-old said he had been high in 2018 when he attended Aretha Franklin's funeral and expressed disbelief that he went out in public in such a state.

The comedian went on to tell the crowd that you 'can’t do drugs in your 30s' as it was 'not cute anymore', and when you do drugs at that age 'you're just a drug addict'.

Davidson had checked himself back into rehab in June this year after finding that he was struggling with Borderline Personality Disorder and issues relating to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

A friend of the 29-year-old said he 'has a lot of people in his corner who love him and support him, and are proud of him', and that Davidson 'will always step up and get help when he knows he needs it'.

Davidson checked himself into the same facility that Mulaney went into after relapsing on his sobriety. The two comedians are friends and the 41-year-old called himself 'a former amateur drug trafficker' when he went on to do his set.

Pete Davidson said for four years he was taking ketamine on a daily basis.
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Stewart closed the performance by joking that the audience had just witnessed a full cycle 'from rehab to recovery to hospice', with the 60-year-old poking fun at his age.

There were also jokes about him bringing two comedians in recovery from addiction into a casino.

Davidson has been in rehab before, having confirmed he went in February 2020 and once told Howard Stern that he checked himself in years before that as 'there was no way I could stop' taking drugs.

He said: "I was like, somebody has to put me in a house where there is literally nothing. I had too much access."

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