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Someone's worked out how much money Owen Wilson has made just from saying 'wow' and it's jaw-dropping
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Someone's worked out how much money Owen Wilson has made just from saying 'wow' and it's jaw-dropping

How much Owen Wilson has been paid for saying the same word will make you go 'wow' - but don't expect to get any money when you say it.

Owen Wilson is a man of many talents, a popular comedy actor who occasionally shows he's got real acting chops and the guy from the memes who says 'wow'.

Amid a cost of living crisis, this is probably not the sort of news you want to hear - someone getting paid a colossal amount every time they utter a small, single word.

But hey, given just how iconic Wilson's deliverance of the exclamation is - I bet you can hear it echoing it in your head right now - it's sort of understandable he gets paid the big bucks. The question is, just how much has each 'Wow' seen the 54-year-old get paid?

If you've been living under a rock for the past few decades, here's a refresher of Wilson's iconic 'Wow's:

It's kind of become his thing thanks in no small part to the memes, though those memes would never have been created in the first place if Wilson wasn't the best damn sayer of the word 'wow' in cinema.

On top of that, it helps that he's said it plenty of times throughout his movies, so if you watch something with Wilson in it there's a pretty good chance he's gonna say 'wow'.

As the actor goes 'wow' this and 'wow' that he gets paid the big bucks to appear on the big screen and you'd be surprised just how much of a cash cow it can be to say the magic word.

Back in 2019, someone actually sat down and crunched the numbers to get the proper figures on Owen Wilson's earnings from the word 'wow'.

It turns out you can make quite the career from saying 'wow' a lot, at least if you're Owen Wilson.
Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

At the time, they figured it all out he'd done 47 movies and spoke on average 3,500 words in those films, while making $217,838,000 in earnings throughout his career.

In those 47 movies, Wilson said 'wow' a whopping 102 times, which if you put all those figures together in the right order amounts to about $1,324 per 'wow' and $135,072 in total from the catchphrase.

While that sounds like a lot, as one person pointed out 'it's a good wow', and he really does seem to have a talent for saying it with some gusto.

Someone else pointed out that to work this all out somebody at some point had to watch all of Owen Wilson's movies and studiously note down how many times he said 'wow'.

Owen Wilson in his recent movie Paint. Wow.
IFC Films

Others simply kicked off a long chain of comments saying 'wow', which is an incredibly appropriate response in this case.

One person said: "Owen Wilson owned the 2000s", though of course he's still going strong 13 years after that decade ended.

Even some fans of Wilson were surprised to find out that he's the brother of fellow actor Luke Wilson, and even though they look and sound very similar, there are plenty who've never put it together in their heads.

Earlier this year, Wilson (Owen, not Luke) played a Bob Ross-esque artist for the movie Paint, though his character was instead called Carl Nargle, we cannot confirm whether he says 'wow' in the film.

You get that 'wow' money Owen, you've earned it.

Additional words: Poppy Bilderbeck

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