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Nicki Minaj playable character for Call Of Duty finally revealed and people are confused

Nicki Minaj playable character for Call Of Duty finally revealed and people are confused

The internet doesn't quite know how they feel about the new avatar

It seems like Barbie and Oppenheimer isn't the only bizarre crossover to have taken place this month as one of the world's most famous female rappers has now appeared on an equally famous video game.

Yep, you read that right - Nicki Minaj's playable character for Call Of Duty has finally been revealed and people are beyond confused.

The 'Anaconda' rapper even confirmed the announcement herself, and the whole thing has received some pretty mixed responses.

People are a tad baffled by the new Nicki Minaj playable character.
Call of Duty

The official Call of Duty Twitter page released the image earlier today (27 July) and captioned the post: "Nicki Minaj is coming to Call of Duty," accompanied with a heart emoji.

The photo depicts the 'Superbass' star donning her signature pink wig, a leather-look ensemble, enough bling to fill a treasure chest and a gnarly neon pink machine gun.

Her gun matches her locks which is unarguably pretty cool.

However, instead of standing up on stage at a concert before an adoring crowd of fans - the character is stationed in what appears to be an artillery closet complete with vests, jackets and other COD paraphernalia.

Minaj later retweeted the original post, adding: "She sure is," with a winky face and chess piece emoji.

And it's not just the 'Starships' singer who got the 2D rendering treatment as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone are celebrating the world of hip-hop by also releasing a Snoop Dogg comeback character and a 21 Savage skin.

The three characters come as part of an in-game celebration of the 50th anniversary of the music genre.


Unsurprisingly, the posts went viral with a whole avalanche of people rushing to share their reactions to the somewhat unexpected announcement.

Some were not on board with the unlikely crossover with one Twitter user claiming: "YEA IM NEVER PLAYING COD AGAIN LMFAO ARE YOU SERIOUS???"

Another wrote: "They just be putting anyone on COD don't they."

"Bro I am so confused rn," revealed a third, while a fourth declared: "Not even bottom 10 in their worst crossovers."

Others, however, were a lot more excited by the news.

"Can’t wait!!! About to buy a gaming system right now and learn how to play!!! Let’s goooo!" wrote one Minaj fan.

A second added: "Oh so now I might actually play lmaooo."

"OMGG LET ME DOWNLOAD THE GAME," echoed a third.

A final user simply resolved: "The video game version of Barbenheimer."

What do you make of it?

Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare II Season Five will kick off at the start of next month (2 August).

Featured Image Credit: Activision / Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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