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Doctors ‘don’t know’ what caused celebrity chef Michael Chiarello’s fatal allergic reaction

Doctors ‘don’t know’ what caused celebrity chef Michael Chiarello’s fatal allergic reaction

The award winning chef passed away on 6 October

Doctors are said to be unaware of what caused celebrity chef Michael Chiarello’s allergic reaction that led to his tragic death last week.

The award winning chef, who developed over 10 restaurants, sadly passed away at the Queen of the Valley Medical Center in Napa, California on Friday (6 October).

Chiarello was known for appearing on shows on Food Network, PBS and Cooking Channel, as well as presenting his own award-winning show Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello.

Gruppo Chiarello, the 61-year-old's company, confirmed his tragic passing in a statement.

In further statement, as reported by Variety, his family said: "We deeply mourn the loss of our beloved patriarch Michael.

"His culinary brilliance, boundless creativity, and unwavering commitment to family were at the core of his being. He brought people together through the joy of shared meals, fostering lasting memories around the table.

"As we navigate this profound loss, we hold dear the moments we cherished with him, both in his kitchens and in our hearts.

Michael Chiarello passed away last week after a fatal allergic reaction.
Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for SOBEWFF

"His legacy will forever live on in the love he poured into every dish and the passion he instilled in all of us to savor life’s flavors."

A representative for Gruppo Chiarello has since told People that the cause of the allergic reaction that killed Chiarello is unknown.

"The doctors don’t know what caused the allergic reaction and neither does the family," a representative for the company told the outlet.

"They may never know."

According to Dr Inderpal Randhawa, CEO and founder of the Food Allergy Institute, a person discovering a life-threatening allergy later in life is 'rare but it does happen'.

Randhawa told People: "Two-thirds of adults with food anaphylaxis develop the disease after 18 years of age."

The doctor went on to say that 'several factors make allergic reactions worse', including erectile dysfunction medications, autoimmune diseases and blood pressure medications.

"Having several factors combined at once during a small food allergen exposure can result in a life-threatening event," said Dr Randhawa.

Doctors 'don't know' what caused the reaction.
Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for NYCWFF

An autopsy report could 'identify the general groups of foods to which he might have had a reaction', according to the doctor.

A representative for Chiarello did not confirm to People whether an autopsy report is currently being conducted.

UNILAD has reached out to Chiarello's representatives and local police for comment.

Since Chiarello's tragic passing, tributes have been pouring in for the beloved celebrity chef.

Former San Francisco Chronicle Restaurant Critic and Editor, Michael Bauer, said in a post on X (formerly known as Twitter): "I just learned that chef, Michael Chiarello died last night from an acute allergic reaction that led to anaphylactic shock.

"He was a California pioneer in many things and his restaurants: Bottega and Coqueta continue to celebrate his legacy."

Featured Image Credit: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for SOBEWFF/ Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for NYCWFF

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