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Voice actor of character cosplayed by Amber Heard roasts her attempt

Voice actor of character cosplayed by Amber Heard roasts her attempt

The actual Mercy from Overwatch has given Amber Heard's cosplay the thumbs down

The actual Mercy from Overwatch has rated Amber Heard's cosplay of her character after Elon Musk revealed that he made his then-girlfriend wear the outfit.

For those out of the loop, let's get you caught up quickly. Elon Musk's new biography Elon Musk claims that the Tesla boss once asked Amber Heard to dress up like video game character Mercy.

Musk and Heard dated between 2017 and 2018, with his new biography saying his family didn't really like her very much at all while also claiming that he asked her to dress up like the Overwatch character.

There's quite a few weird claims about Musk in the book but the owner of X posted a picture of his ex which he apparently still had five years on from their relationship ending to confirm the claim.

However, Mercy's actual voice actor has now waded into the conversation to give her critique of the cosplay, as it seems like she's not all that impressed.

Mercy's voice actor had some shade for Elon Musk.

Lucie Pohl is an actor and comedian whose voice has been a welcome sound for many an overconfident Overwatch player in dire need of healing.

She's the one who gives Mercy her voice and while her character is known as a healer, she took the time to dish out the damage in Musk's direction.

Pohl wrote that she could 'see the manufacturing defects in this cosplay like it's a Tesla' and tagged Musk in her tweet to give him the best chance of seeing her burn.

There was no vitriol reserved for Heard, who was the one wearing the cosplay, but Musk's car company caught plenty of flak from Pohl.

Plenty of Overwatch fans joined in with her verdict on the cosplay, with people calling it 'mid' and saying that Pohl was a 'Michelin star chef' because she just cooked Musk.

Mercy's voice actor has also cosplayed as the Overwatch character.

Someone else chipped in to say they thought 'a guy with infinite money would be able to get a better quality costume'.

Another said 'Mercy moving from healer to DPS wasn't something I expected' while a fourth laughed at 'Mercy taking shots at Elon'.

Several others expressed concern that Elon Musk seemingly still had pictures of an ex from a relationship that ended several years ago.

Yet more poked fun at the blue ticks trying to defend Musk in the comments, while others said they didn't approve of Pohl dissing the cosplay or 'putting someone down for clicks and clout'.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@LuciePohl/Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images

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