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Megan Fox praised for very honest answer to being asked if she wishes she had an ‘ordinary life’

Megan Fox praised for very honest answer to being asked if she wishes she had an ‘ordinary life’

Fox is currently in the middle of a promotional tour for her new poetry book

It's difficult to imagine the level of scrutiny that must come with a certain level of fame.

Life is wholly removed from anything you might call a regular existence, with all the existential questions that arise from that.

Like, where does the public persona end and the real you begin? Does the real you even exist?

Megan Fox offered a glimpse when she was asked if she ever wished she could live a more 'normal' life.

During an online live signing of her new poetry book, Pretty Boys are Poisonous: Poems, Fox opened the floor to questions.

One fan asked: "Do you ever wish you were not famous and could live an ordinary life?"

Fox then replied bluntly: "I'll be honest with you, no.

"That's my Leo Moon talking. I don't think it could live not being in the spotlight."

I mean, fair enough.

She continued: "Even though I am an introvert and so many aspects of the spotlight are hard, I just feel it was part of my soul's purpose and calling to be in a platform like this...

"I'm still not really sure what I'm suppose to be doing with it but I just know that I'm suppose to be doing something somehow."

Megan Fox was doing a live signing of her new book.
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Though Fox noted: "I obviously do wish that I could walk around and enjoy New York and not get stalked by paparazzi."

Elaborating on her point, she added: "Photographers are annoying because they are always looking for a wrong angle or a bad picture so there is more clickbait for whatever website that picks it up.

"That's very stressful."

Fox also admitted that she 'had no freedom to enjoy or relax' because 'everything will be a meme'.

Many people piled to the comments to share their views of Fox's surprising admission after the interview was re-shared on Reddit.

The poster captioned the clip: "She was so real for this."

One user commented on the symbiotic relationship between the paparazzi and figures like Fox.

They wrote: "Just saw an actor on TV that’s been working for like 40 years and I didn’t know his name. Celebrity is a different world altogether, it’s usually based on looks.

"Looks and LOCATION. Megan and her boyfriend crave paparazzi - and the paparazzi crave them."

Fox admitted she would not swap fame for an ordinary life.
Christopher Polk/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Another remarked that it seemed 'obvious' that Fox did not want to swap her life of glamor.

They wrote: "I would have thought that it was obvious that she didn't want to lead an 'ordinary' life when she chose to be with MGK. More power to her, but it was a definite pivot away from ordinary."

While someone else said: "At least she admits it (though it’s very obvious)."

Fox is currently in the middle of a promotional tour for her book, Pretty Boys are Poisonous: Poems: A Collection of F**ked Up Fairy Tales, which is a collection of over 70 poems.

Bookseller Waterstones describes the book as: "Filled with emotional candour and female empowerment, the debut poetry collection from the popular actress Megan Fox blends dark themes with humour and hope."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / ABC News / THE HAPA BLONDE/GC Images

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