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Travis Kelce’s ex Maya Benberry says she has ‘no reason to be bitter’ about him dating Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce’s ex Maya Benberry says she has ‘no reason to be bitter’ about him dating Taylor Swift

The TV personality also confirmed she accidentally 'liked' a comment about Taylor Swift on Instagram.

Maya Benberry has said she has 'no reason to be bitter' after receiving high levels of attention following her ex boyfriend Travis Kelce's rumoured relationship with Taylor Swift.

It all started when people flocked to Benberry's most recent post on Instagram, a collection of selfies from a trip to Monte Carlo on Aug. 9.

After the Kansas City Chiefs player, 33, and the 'Delicate' singer, also 33, were spotted together at his NFL game on Sunday (September 24) social media users began leaving comments under her most recent post on Instagram to ask questions about Kelce and Swift.

Page Six reported that Benberry liked and quickly un-liked a comment about the chart-topping singer's appearance that read: “On everything you are and Travis gotta hold the L he out side [sic] in public with a FRAIL GAIL Taylor Swift who beside her fame is 5.”

However, speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Benberry has not only addressed the 'like', she has opened up about her feelings towards Swift and her rumoured new relationship.

Maya Benberry has spoken out about the 'narrative' about her.

"I stated on my Instagram Story it was an accident. I don’t nor will I ever have any ill intent or negative feelings towards Taylor or their relationship," she explained.

"It’s Instagram, and it’s so easy to accidentally like things when scrolling through comments. I would never be that careless or shady to intentionally like something that is tearing down another woman and her looks."

Benberry and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end met on the dating show a Bachelor-style dating show called Catching Kelce, where women from across the US tried to win his heart in 2016.

The couple dated after the show wrapped and eventually split. After Kelce and Swift were spotted together for the first time, Benberry issued a 'warning', telling the Daily Mail: "I wouldn’t be a girls' girl if I didn’t advise her to be smart!

"I’m sure by now she has mastered the ability to see who is really there for her - and who is just using her."

Maya Benberry met Travis Kelce on the 2016 dating show Catching Kelce.

Benberry slammed the rumours from anonymous sources that she just wants '15 mins of fame' and said the narrative that is being painted about her is 'unfair'.

"I have no reason to be bitter," she said. "I just find it ironic that he can comment on our relationship in interviews and podcasts but once I do, I’m wrong and bitter and need to let the relationship go.

"It’s even more disgusting to witness this and even more sickening to see that I’m being painted in such a negative light for speaking on a relationship and project (the reality show) that I was a part of."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@mayabenberry/Twitter/@paytonsun

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