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Whoopi Goldberg praised for ‘perfect’ handling of emotional Matthew Perry conversation

Whoopi Goldberg praised for ‘perfect’ handling of emotional Matthew Perry conversation

The View's tribute to the Friends star has been praised by fans.

The View watchers are flooding to social media in praise of Whoopi Goldberg's handling of the news of Matthew Perry's passing.

The 54-year-old - best known for his role in hit US sitcom Friends - was found having passed away at his home in Los Angeles on Saturday (28 October).

Co-stars, family and friends flocked to social media in the wake of his passing to remember to the actor.

ABC chat show The View has since spoken out to commemorate the late star too. Prepare yourself for a moving tribute:

The View is currently moderated by Goldberg who is also joined by co-hosts Joy Behar, Alyssa Farah Griffin, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro.

In the chat show's episode which aired on Monday (30 October), the hosts reacted to Perry's 'sudden passing' and to 'discuss his legacy as fans and friends pay tribute to him'.

In a clip from the episode posted to YouTube titled Remembering Matthew Perry, Goldberg is the first to reflect on the actor's death, noting the team were 'all beyond heartbroken' when they first heard the news.

Goldberg continues: "He [Perry] was just only 54-years-old and we were very lucky to have him here last year, when he was really open about overcoming his struggles with addiction. He was really passionate about helping other people get through it."

Perry appeared on The View last year in November.
The View/ ABC

The View then played a clip from when Perry appeared on the show in November 2022 - the actor offering advice to the families and friends of those struggling with addiction, drawing on his own experience having been addicted to prescription drugs and alcohol.

He said: "Get the right help. You have to have professionals in the business. You can't just be good people who don't know anything about this because as much as I wanted to quit that day that Jenny came up to me and said, 'We know.' I couldn't, it wasn't an option.

"But if you raise your hand to the right people, you get the right help and you don't be alone with it, you have a chance out and that's what I did."

Goldberg reflects: "He was quite something and really a funny guy."

Goldberg has been praised for her handling of the conversation around Perry's passing.
The View/ ABC

Viewers of the daytime chat show have flooded to social media in praise of Goldberg's handling of the heartbreaking news.

One Instagram user wrote: "@whoopigoldberg you did an amazing job leading that segment. You handled it perfectly."

"Gotta be honest. Normally I don't like ANYTHING that is said on this show, but that was a beautiful tribute. So well said. Especially on the part of Anna & Whoopi. God bless Matthew Perry may he get his much needed rest," a YouTuber added.

And a third viewer wrote: "You Girls showed so much heartbreak and respect for him! We never miss a show but yes it’s heartbreaking he was so talented and loved."

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Featured Image Credit: YouTube/The View / Lester Cohen/WireImage/Getty

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