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Banned Madonna advert finally airs after 34 years

Banned Madonna advert finally airs after 34 years

Back in 1989 Madonna made an advert with Pepsi which was banned after one viewing

Madonna has announced that Pepsi has finally released the commercial she made with them back in 1989 which featured her song 'Like A Prayer' and was banned almost immediately.

Taking to Instagram she posted the advert and explained that when it was first made it was 'immediately canceled when I refused to change any scenes in the video'.

If you actually watch the Pepsi advert you won't see either of these things as it's got an older and younger Madonna both enjoying a drink while the song 'Like A Prayer' plays.

It's nowhere near the worst advert Pepsi have made, nor even their most costly or controversial, so why was the commercial only shown once before being taken off the air?

It's all to do with what happened the day after the advert - which was made as part of Madonna's $5 million partnership with Pepsi - got released.

Madonna's Pepsi commercial was shown once in 1989 before being taken down, but now it's back.

For that money she'd do a commercial for them while in return they'd use her song 'Like A Prayer' in an ad which would be seen by millions, essentially giving her mountains of free publicity for the song.

Loads of people saw the commercial when it was shown for the first and only time before being banned.

A day after the ad aired, the full music video for 'Like A Prayer' released on MTV.

That's what sparked the massive backlash against Madonna and the song, as the music video included shots of the singer standing besides burning crosses and 'kissing a Black saint'.

Religious groups soon put pressure on Pepsi and while the advert contained none of the stuff people were complaining about, it was inextricably linked with 'Like A Prayer' so it pulled the ad.

While Pepsi pulled the advert and most places wouldn't show the music video, MTV decided it would keep it on its screens and 'Like A Prayer' proved popular despite the controversy.

Pope John Paul II was among those who slated Madonna for the music video as he encouraged Italians to boycott her music.

The whole thing didn't do Madonna much harm since she kept the $5 million payment from Pepsi and the free publicity the song got made it very popular.

It also ended up winning the MTV Viewer's Choice award in 1989, with Madonna thanking 'Pepsi for causing so much controversy' during her acceptance speech.

Now, 34 years on from the advert being banned and likely well clear of any anger religious groups would kick up over 'Like A Prayer', Pepsi has revived the commercial.

Madonna wrote: "So began my illustrious career as an artist refusing to compromise my artistic integrity.

"Thank you @pepsi for finally realizing the genius of our collaboration. 😄 Artists are here to disturb the peace."

Featured Image Credit: Pepsi

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