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Machine Gun Kelly reveals shocking new blackout tattoo that required 44 needles
Featured Image Credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for SiriusXM / Instagram/machinegunkelly

Machine Gun Kelly reveals shocking new blackout tattoo that required 44 needles

The singer looks totally different

Machine Gun Kelly has debuted his new ink on social media.

The singer is known to be covered almost top-to-toe in tattoos, but has now covered many of them up.

Machine Gun Kelly, real name Colson Baker, has covered up most of his torso with complete blackout ink.

Some of his previous tattoos are still visible, however, as the blackout design has a few gaps for them to peep through.

Tattoo artist ROXX shared an image of the 'Bloody Valentine' hitmaker's new look on Instagram.

Machine Gun Kelly debuted his new ink on Instagram.
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

"Made some art with @machinegunkelly," they wrote.

"Never met a tougher one."

Machine Gun Kelly replied: "Thanks for the joy and the pain."

The singer seems to be going under a rebranding and has deleted all images on his Instagram and now only has one snap of his new image - which includes the caption: "for spiritual purposes only."

People have had a lot to say about the unique inking - with many asking why he chose to do it while others have made comparisons about what it reminds them of.

"When you leave your kid unattended with the black marker," one person quipped.

"Bro looking like the adidas logo," added a second.

"Why does it look like a crop top," questioned someone else, as a different person labelled his tattoo as 'wild'.

"But why? All the tattoos you have gotten. Why cover them up." someone else said.

According to MGK, his tattoo required a staggering 44 needles.

He also told TMZ that his old tattoos didn't 'resonate' with his current mindset, calling them 'chaotic'.

In stark contrast, back in December 2023, fans were shown what the 33-year-old looks like without any inkings at all.

In the trailer for his movie Good Mourning, Machine Gun Kelly was tattoo-less.

He shared a since-deleted photo to Instagram of him in his birthday suit (covering up his modesty, of course) to further give fans a glimpse of his fully 'naked' body.

MGK without the tattoos takes some getting used to.

Good Mourning was apparently inspired by a text Megan Fox sent to MGK.

He told Extra: "I wrote the movie for her because I was like, she was unknowingly the cause of the spiral. She sent me a text just like in the movie.

"He spirals over a text that he doesn't really understand and he can't get a hold of her, and that was what was happening to me.

"I had written so many songs and done all these other outlets that I was familiar with and I was, like, spiralling so hard, I needed somewhere else to go with it. I was like, ‘I'm just gonna write a movie.’"

The film didn't do very well at the box office, however. It only made $21,000 - probably the price of MGK's new ink.

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