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People can't get over how Machine Gun Kelly looks without trademark tattoos

People can't get over how Machine Gun Kelly looks without trademark tattoos

Machine Gun Kelly debuted a tattoo-free look for his movie Good Mourning

Machine Gun Kelly fans have been shocked and appalled after catching a glimpse of the musician without his trademark tats.

MGK - who now just goes by 'Machine' apparently - has been known to enjoy a trip to the tattoo parlor, and has got over 90 different designs scrawled across his body.

These include tributes to his daughter Cassie, his hometown of Cleveland, and one memorializing an early text exchange with his on-again off-again

fiancée, Megan Fox.

But fans got the shock of their life when they got to see the man beneath the ink in the trailer for his film Good Mourning.

Warning: this video contains strong language.

The movie was released last year and was written/directed by Kelly and Mod Sun.

It follows the life of London Clash, who, according to IMDb is 'a movie star whose world is turned upside down when he must choose between pursuing his one true love and landing a life-changing, starring role in a major motion picture'.

His love interest in the film is played by none other than his blood-drinking fiancée, Fox.

Pete Davidson, Dove Cameron, and Amber Rose also starred.

The film made just $21,000 at the world wide box office so it's unlikely you've seen it - which is a shame as it offered a rare glimpse into a parallel universe where MGK wasn't one of the most tattooed men alive.

Machine Gun Kelly with Megan Fox and all his tattoos.
ABC via Getty Images

Yep, MGK covered up all of his dozens of tats for his role in the movie.

Commenting on an Instagram post of Kelly in the nude covering his modesty with a towel to promote the film, one fan wrote: "You look extra naked without the tattoos."

Which honestly is spot on.

Another seemed to congratulate the rapper: "Oh snap no tattoos! Congrats !"

Others weren't so keen though, with one user saying: "Y’all remember 30 seconds ago when we didn’t see that first pic?"

A fourth made an astute comparison: "You all look like characters from the movie with Howie Mandel called Little Monsters."

We'd argue he looks more like a grown-up Jack-Jack from The Incredibles, but to each their own.

MGK without the tattoos takes some getting used to.

The film was apparently inspired by a text Fox sent to MGK.

He told Extra: "I wrote the movie for her because I was like, she was unknowingly the cause of the spiral. She sent me a text just like in the movie.

"He spirals over a text that he doesn't really understand and he can't get a hold of her, and that was what was happening to me.

"I had written so many songs and done all these other outlets that I was familiar with and I was, like, spiralling so hard, I needed somewhere else to go with it. I was like, ‘I'm just gonna write a movie.’"

Featured Image Credit: Elena Di Vincenzo/Archivio Elena Di Vincenzo/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images/ Monica Schipper/FilmMagic

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