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Logan Paul offended by pawnbroker's offer for $500k golden Prime bottle

Logan Paul offended by pawnbroker's offer for $500k golden Prime bottle

In clip uploaded online, Logan Paul was left offended by the offer a pawnbroker made for his $500k golden Prime bottle.

A new clip shows Logan Paul looking less than impressed when he tried to take one of those $500k Prime bottles to a pawnbroker.

Rest assured, he wasn't offered anywhere near that amount for it - and even had his claim the bottle was 24-carat gold challenged.

You can watch the awkward encounter below:

Alongside fellow YouTube star KSI, Paul has made one of the most talked about drinks of all time in Prime.

Earlier this week, he claimed the company has made a staggering $1.2 billion this year - and he recently launched a competition to celebrate selling their billionth bottle.

He launched the challenge in London and New York for Prime fans to win a solid gold bottle - which he assured fans was worth a whopping $500k.

In the end, a little boy in London ended up walking away with the mega prize - meaning unlucky punters in New York had to watch as their gold Prime bottle was dramatically incinerated by flamethrowers.

Except, in a new video shared by Paul on his Instagram account, he's hinted the bottle may not be worth $500k at all - well, at least not if you try to flog it at your local pawnbroker's.

Prime has certainly made its name.
Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images

Paul had embarked on a journey to sell the special bottle, though a video uploaded online saw the YouTube star left a little disappointed by an offer from a pawnbroker.

The pawnbroker examined the glittering bottle, subsequently offering the YouTube star $25,000 for it.

Well, to say he was a little insulted by the offer is certainly an understatement.

Paul immediately asked the shop owner to up the offer to $700,000, which certainly shocked the pawnbroker.

"Are you OK?" the bemused owner asked.

Despite that, the pawnbroker subsequently doubled his offer, with Paul responding: "This is the hottest growing beverage in the world."

Logan Paul was certainly not happy with the offer.

In an attempt to get the shop owner to spent big on the bottle, Paul explained the special edition Prime is 24-carat, adding: "This could be sitting up there on that shelf, next to all those trinkets."

But the pair remained locked in negotiations, until it was decided no deal would be reached for the bottle.

When he's not trying to flog gold Prime bottles, Paul has decided he's now going to be a WWE star and is done with boxing.

He told Fox Business: "I think I'm retired from boxing. I think I've done enough in the sport.

"I'm going to be a wrestler now. No more money in boxing, every company is going broke.

"It feels great. It was a dominant performance. Some frog splashes, some punches, it feels good."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@moreloganpaul

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