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Parasite star Lee Sun-kyun begged police not to publicize investigation four days before 'suicide'
Featured Image Credit: Gisela Schober/Getty Images / CJ Entertainment

Parasite star Lee Sun-kyun begged police not to publicize investigation four days before 'suicide'

Lee Sun-kyun was found dead in South Korea after police started investigating him

Parasite actor Lee Sun-kyun was denied a formal request to prevent press from attending his last appearance for questioning before he died in an apparent suicide.

Lee, 48, was found dead in a car park in South Korea on the morning of December 27, after which Seoul Police confirmed his identity.

Earlier that day, Lee's wife reported to police that she had discovered what appeared to be a suicide note after the actor left home.

His death came after he became the subject of an investigation into illegal drug use, prompting police to question him three times.

In the weekend before his death, Lee had faced 19 hours of questioning, Sky News reports.

On Thursday (28 December), police officials confirmed Lee's lawyer had requested that police close the most recent round of questioning to the press so it could not be reported on.

However, police decided to deny the request.

Lee Sun-kyun played Park Dong-ik in Parasite.
CJ Entertainment

According to the Korea Times, the press affairs guidelines of police prohibits photographing or filming individuals under investigation during the investigative process and their appearance for questioning, but the rule is one that has allegedly often been breached.

Lee had photos taken during all three rounds of questioning, prompting his lawyer to express hopes that any further appearances would take place behind closed doors.

The lawyer also said the actor was feeling 'burdened' by having his appearances put on display.

The Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency, which is responsible for the investigation, claimed it had not informed the press of the questioning schedule on its own.

"It's correct that bringing people behind closed doors conforms to the principles," an official at the police agency said, according to the Korea Times.

"There was never an incident in which police released the schedule of Lee's questioning first."

Lee Sun-kyun reportedly left a note before he passed away.
Gisela Schober/Getty Images

Lee was last seen in public early on Sunday morning (December 24), when he returned home after his 19 hours of questioning.

Yoon Hee-keun, the commissioner general of the National Police Agency (NPA), has also denied that unreasonable police investigations led to Lee's death but assured he will look into investigation practices and resolve any potential issues.

UNILAD has contacted Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency for further comment.

Lee was being investigated for the alleged use of marijuana and other illegal drugs at the home of a hostess who worked at a high-end bar in Seoul.

He told police that he was tricked by the hostess into taking the drugs.

The actor portrayed Park Dong-ik in Parasite, which went on to win four Academy Awards in 2020, including Best Picture.

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