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Lana Del Rey finally explains why she 'worked a shift' at Waffle House
Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@honeymounz/Facebook/Vanson Clendenin

Lana Del Rey finally explains why she 'worked a shift' at Waffle House

The singer was filmed serving coffee and singing ‘Amazing Grace’ with some of the locals at the Waffle House.

It was one of the most viral moments of the summer, and now Lana Del Rey has explained what was going in footage which seemed to show her working at an Alabama Waffle House.

The Grammy Award winner made the unusual career pivot earlier this year, with the ‘Blue Velvet’ singer being spotted at the fast-food chain.

While she’d previously kept tight-lipped, the musician has revealed what happened. You can listen to her serenade a customer below:

Fans of the iconic singer will be aware of Del Rey’s love of Americana, with her regularly referencing US brands in her music and videos.

While you may be forgiven this was the reason behind her visit to Waffle House back in July, it turns out the singer has family ties in Florence – where the restaurant was.

Having made friends with some of the servers, the songstress nipped behind the counter and even donned a uniform to kill time while visiting her hometown.

Lana Del Rey happily posed with fans.
Facebook/Vanson Clendenin

She was filmed serving coffee as well as singing ‘Amazing Grace’ with some of the locals, whilst wearing a blue uniform and a hastily made name tag.

Recalling the moment to The Hollywood Reporter, she spoke about one of the diners, saying: “This guy, a regular, comes in every day and orders two things, so they were like, ‘Just go get it for him!’ I brought him a Coke. No ice. And an empty cup….for a dip.”

However, the ballad maker insists she wasn’t prepared for how viral the moment would be, telling THR: “I didn’t see anyone take a video of me.”

It’s not the only reason why Del Rey went viral this summer though.

The singer stopped to sign a fan's poster.

In a now iconic moment, she lost her vapes while performing on stage in May.

Though we wouldn’t encourage the bad habit, the viral moment made for pretty hilarious viewing as she stopped mid-way through her headline act at the MITA music festival.

Putting on a Southern Belle accent, she told the audience: “And also if you see my vape onstage, can you find my vape?”

Eager to impress their icon, fans wasted no time finding the e-cigarette, with the ‘Born to Die’ musician yanking the mic out of the stand as she scampers over to retrieve it.

Sadly though, the e-cigarette had sunk to the bottom of the pit with Del Rey cheekily giving a rather foul-mouthed response.

“F**k it,” she replied, as she walked to the back of the stage and carried on with her performance.

Never change, Lana!

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