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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard address claims they lied about being stranded in airport
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@daxshepard

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard address claims they lied about being stranded in airport

The pair opened up about the whole ordeal

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have addressed claims they lied about being stranded in airport.

The celebrity couple made headlines last month for chronicling a pretty major travel inconvenience when they were left 'stranded' with their two kids after a staggering nine-hour delay at the Boston Logan International Airport.

While many offered sympathy for the family - it's clear others were less compassionate and speculated whether the whole ordeal was even true.

Bell and her husband Shepard came to the less-than-satisfactory realization that they would have to wait a very long time to access a hotel following the announcement of the flight delay.

So, without a cushty place to check-in to for the night, the family decided to fork out a massive $600 on pillows and sheets in order to make a DIY bed on the floor of the airport so that they could take a nap.

According to Bell, who took to Instagram to tell the story, they couldn’t find a hotel within 50 miles and didn’t have another choice.

Bell penned: "Stranded at the Boston airport, 9 hours of delays."

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have responded to claims made up the 'stranded' airport story.

"We made quite a home here," the Good Place star added alongside a photo of herself with a toothbrush in her mouth, while at the airport.

Shepard also made a reel of the whole fiasco, noting there were 'ZERO vacancies in the greater Boston area'.

In the video, Bell could be seen joking that she was making the airport her home, and that she must take her shoes off 'when I’m in my bedroom', as she went to get into her makeshift bed.

They could later be seen lying on the floor with a neck pillow and blanket as they discussed the money it cost to create their own dwellings.

"Could have been a really nice hotel, but they’re all taken," Shepard said.

Bell replied: "It’s $600 a night to stay at Boston International Airport."

However, this DIY sleeping situation didn't last long as they were soon 'kicked out' by security, though a friend came to save the day and let the family stay the night.

The couple tried to camp over at the Boston airport.

"Thankfully we found friends of friends who offered us their attics and accepted us at 1 am!!!!!!" she captioned another picture of beds at her friend’s place.

While the whole situation was pretty much documented start to finish - a few sceptics out there had other ideas believing it was all one big lie.

"Maybe it's just me, but they seriously couldn't find ONE SINGLE hotel room in the entire area? Boston is not a small town, so it's not like there's limited options," hit out one social media user.

"This story is such BS," claimed a second, while a third echoed: "Please spare us the nonsense."

The couple have since addressed such rumors on Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast on Monday (14 August).

He explained: "Everyone knew before us [that their flights were canceled] because they kept kicking ours.

"So by the time we acknowledge[d], 'No, this flight isn’t going out tonight,' everyone’s already grabbed the hotel rooms."

Shepard said he was 'confused' by the internet's outrage over the situation.

He admitted he was 'confused' about 'what makes someone mad about that story', while Bell put it down to people's lack of 'emotional and intellectual capacity' as well as an 'outrage addiction'.

She explained: "[People] want to be angry about something. It was anything. It was like, 'You’re not being kicked out', 'Of course there were hotels', 'I can’t believe you spent $600 on pillows'."

Shepard then offered his own theory as to how the situation could have led to such a 'hostile and angry' response wondering if it was a 'political schism'.

"We have to somehow just represent liberals," he said. "And no matter what we would do, it would be proof that we’re crazy or stupid or whatever.

"It felt like there’s something political. I don’t know why you’d be so mad, unless we just symbolize liberals."

Regardless, Bell put it all to rest revealing she simply does not give any 'time or energy' to 'sh*tty comments' online.

"Ultimately, it’s not about us, it’s about the person making the comment," she resolved. "I don’t really think about it."

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