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MrBeast’s Kris Tyson ‘really proud’ as she shares new name and pronouns

MrBeast’s Kris Tyson ‘really proud’ as she shares new name and pronouns

Fans have been sharing lovely messages after Kris Tyson confirmed her new name and pronouns in a new video

Kris Tyson has officially come out as a woman and shared her new name and pronouns.

Known for appearing in the videos of her childhood best friend MrBeast, who is the most subscribed to YouTuber, Tyson has gained a large following.

Earlier this year, Tyson announced she was using any pronouns and was undergoing hormone replacement therapy (HRT) after some fans questioned her physical appearance in a video uploaded in April.

In response to a tweet regarding Tyson’s gender identity, she replied at the time: “Someone finding themself does not always mean they are now x identity.

“However this is a great time to say trans rights are human rights. Let people exist and be happy. And if this makes you mad enjoy being on the wrong side of history looking back.”

Kris Tyson sat down with Anthony Padilla to discuss her gender identity.

Now, Tyson has sat down with fellow YouTuber Anthony Padilla to share details about her gender identity and pronouns.

The video, uploaded on Friday (21 July), sees the two internet stars discuss a wide range of topics.

In conversation with Padilla, Tyson reveals that she has always felt like a woman and wanted to slowly introduce her fanbase to her true self in a similar process she went through when learning about herself.

When Padilla notes that Tyson arrived for the interview ‘fully presenting as a woman’, Tyson happily confirmed: “Because I am a woman! She/her!”

Kris confirmed she identifies as a woman and uses she/her pronouns.

She continued: “I’ve been fully confident in that decision for over a year now. My idea was to play catch-up with the internet in the way that I discover myself.”

Tyson says that when she started growing out her hair and making changes to her appearance, she 'wasn’t quite sure exactly who I was yet but I knew I was not cisgendered'.

She added: “I needed the freedom to express myself and figure out who I was and for a while I was gender fluid.”

On her journey to discovering her identity, Tyson stated: “I’m very proud of who I was and how I’ve gotten here - it took me a long time to get here - but I’m finally here so I’m not ashamed of all of that or anything, I’m actually really proud of it.”

Fans have been sharing supportive messages for the internet star.

Fans shared messages of support in the comments section, with one writing: “I loved watching this, it was really nice seeing Kris become herself. Seeing her literally glow with happiness.”

Another viewer gushed: “This interview was so refreshing so happy for her!!”

While third said: “I was hoping Anthony’s community would support Kris, she deserves it after all. It’s nice to see supportive people on the internet for once. Sending so much love to Kris.”

A fourth penned: “I’m so happy for her!!! This was so interesting and beautiful!! Everyone in this world deserves to be their true selves! Thanks for sharing Kris.”

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/ AnthonyPadilla

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