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Kim Kardashian ignites controversy after saying spending her birthday with her kids felt like 'torture'

Kim Kardashian ignites controversy after saying spending her birthday with her kids felt like 'torture'

Kim Kardashian has caused heated debate on social media after explaining why her birthday with her kids was 'torture'

People are flooding to social media in debate after Kim Kardashian described her birthday celebrations with her children as 'torture'.

In this week's episode of The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian opened up about her birthday to momager Kris Jenner and how the celebrations didn't quite go the way she hoped they would.

Kim complained to her mom she wanted to 'have a day to [herself] but instead was 'stuck doing everything that everyone else wanted to do'. Have a listen:

The Kardashians star said "I was stuck watching YouTube unboxing videos on my birthday, I had a FIFA tournament, Color Me Mine - you should see the ugly thing I made. Like this is not what I wanted to be doing on my birthday.

"I need to sit my kids down and be like, 'This isn’t Mother’s Day. Like this is my day. Do you think a mom wants to go to Color Me Mine one more time? On her birthday? Whose birthday is it?'

"You know it was torture. Just make me breakfast. That’s a great birthday."

Instead, Kim says her idea of a perfect birthday would've been to lock her door, not get out of bed and eat 'cookies and cream ice cream all day long'.

"But no, no one cares about my dreams, not four kids at least," she jests.

Kim reflected on the 'torture' of her birthday. (Hulu/ The Kardashians)
Kim reflected on the 'torture' of her birthday. (Hulu/ The Kardashians)

And it's not taken long for people to flood to social media to weigh in on Kim's reflections on her 'special' day.

One Facebook user said: "She's lucky to have been able to have children yet she treats them like a burden I wouldn't be surprised if she actually told them what she feels about them they deserve better."

"She should be grateful that she even has the opportunity to spend time with her kids!! I can’t believe that she is upset because her kids want to do activities that are fun for them. She is missing out on such great memories with her kids, she rather complaining about her kids and her struggles as a single mother instead of just living in the moment and enjoying this time with her kids. Before she knows it her kids are going to be young adults and out on their own, she is going to want these days back," another added.

A third commented: "My happiness is with my kids .Without them would be torture.I don’t understand some people."

"Welcome to being a mother," a fourth wrote.

Kim with two of her four children. (Instagram/@kimkardashian)
Kim with two of her four children. (Instagram/@kimkardashian)

However, some defended Kim.

A user said: "She has every right to feel the way she does. Being a parent is tough and when you're a sole parent with young kids they won't take you out to eat or do what you want. You'll just have to wait until they're a bit older and then it'll get easier. I have four kids and the best present would be to not do anything for a day."

"Same here .. rather be on a holiday somewhere hot relaxing on my birthday instead of my kids opening my presents and cards and eating my birthday cake ha ha … but beggars cant be choosers," a second said.

So, what do you think?

UNILAD has contacted Kim Kardashian's representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Images/Mike Coppola/MG24 / Hulu/The Kardashians

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