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Fans are calling out Kelly Clarkson for ‘flirting’ with Jason Momoa

Fans are calling out Kelly Clarkson for ‘flirting’ with Jason Momoa

The conversation turned a little racy...

Kelly Clarkson was left a little bit flustered following Jason Momoa's recent feature on her show.

Momoa appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show to promote his new movie, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

The pair chatted about anything and everything and, in Momoa's usual cheeky fashion, he managed to make things a little bit sexual at one stage.

A clip of Momoa's behind-the-scenes training was shown to the audience, where the 44-year-old could be seen mounting what will be a sea monster in the movie.

The clip was taken on the actor's phone and, shortly after he gets into the riding seat, he starts grinding against it.

"What training was that for?" Clarkson asked him while looking slightly confused.

"That's how you go faster," Momoa replied. "If you want to go faster, then you've got to really go."

Jason Momoa was recently on The Kelly Clarkson Show.
The Kelly Clarkson Show/NBC

He then proceeded to show the hip movements you need to do if you want to slow the creature down.

Has someone turned the temperature up in here?

"There's no steering wheel!" Momoa went on to insist as Clarkson (and everyone else) blushed.

The former American Idol star quickly changed the topic and asked the actor about his Aquaman suit instead.

Noting the quick segue, the singer joked: "Did you like that quick transition for daytime TV?"

Viewers have since gone wild for the pair's on-screen chemistry, with some even calling for them to date.

Viewers loved the pair's on-screen chemistry.
The Kelly Clarkson Show/NBC

One person wrote online: "How could you not blush with the creature riding comments. That back and forth chemistry between them is sweet. Love it."

Another said: "Oh please let these two become a couple! I'm so rooting for them. That would be amazing! I love them both!"

A third went on: "They have great chemistry. It's seems like Jason is digging Kelly, get girl!!!!!"

"Am I wrong for thinking they should date?" questioned another viewer.

"I just sense some legitimate chemistry between these two! They’re both beautiful as well!"

As it stands, Clarkson is very much single. She split from her ex-husband in June 2020 after seven years of marriage.

Meanwhile, Momoa and Lisa Bonet called time on their romance after 16 years together (four of which they were married) in January 2022.

He's since been linked to Eiza González, but it's unclear if they're still together.

Watch this space, folks...

Featured Image Credit: The Kelly Clarkson Show/NBC

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